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Barack Obama’s Deplorable Race Relations Legacy


Written by Steve McCann

A recent phenomenon in American politics amid the conclaves of the media and academic elites is the stultifying debate over an outgoing president’s so-called “Legacy.”  The nation now finds itself embroiled in this conversation as none other than Barack Obama, by his innumerable self-serving speeches, countless appearances on a multitude of media platforms and myriad gatherings with fawning supporters, has attempted to establish a positive spin on his legacy.  He has far exceeded anything the previous occupants of the Oval Office have done to reinforce their image as they leave the White House behind.  That he feels compelled to do so is indicative of the fact that Obama knows his presidency will go down in history as a monumental failure.

There is little doubt, except to his die-hard supporters (which includes a vast majority of the mainstream media), that his failures are legion. … Continue Reading

Keith Ellsion, Former Nation of Islam Member, For DNC Chairman?


Written by John Biver

Now that Barack Obama’s second term is coming to an end, the question is — who will fill his shoes as the leader of the Democratic Party? Minnesota U.S. Representative Keith Ellison would like the job — and is officially seeking to become the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Journalist and newspaper editor Caroline Glick has pointed out that “When a party is out of power, the party chairman is also treated like its formal leader, and most active spokesman.” U.S. Rep. Ellison is the head of the fringe left-wing Democrats’ Progressive Caucus, and he enjoys the support of incoming U.S. Senate minority leader U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, outgoing  minority leader Harry Reid, Barack Obama, and Sen. Bernie Sanders is said to be “enthusiastically supporting him.”

In many ways Ellison is the perfect guy to take over after Obama.… Continue Reading

Respect For Cops Has Increased. A Lot.


Written by Aaron Banler

A new poll shows that the despite the poisonous rhetoric from the Black Lives Matter crowd, respect for police officers has increased significantly over the past year.

A Gallup poll released on Monday found that 76 percent of Americans said they respected their local police officers “a great deal,” close to the all-time high of 77 percent in 1967. Gallup first started this particular survey in 1965.

Among political ideology, conservatives had the most respect for cops, at 85 percent. Self-described moderates and liberals were recorded at 72 percent and 71 percent, respectively. The results were similar among political parties: 86 percent of Republicans said they have “a great deal” of respect for cops, as did 75 percent of Independents and 68 percent of Democrats.

Across racial lines, whites had the most respect for cops at 80 percent, while 67 percent of nonwhites said they had “a great deal” of respect for cops.… Continue Reading

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton About Black Babies

Written by Dr. Michael Brown

Is it all politics, or does Hillary understand the incongruity of her statements on black babies?

I know that you and Mr. Clinton have been considered real friends of the African-American community to the point that, before President Obama’s election, your husband was jokingly referred to as the nation’s first black president.

I also know that you have identified proudly as an “old fashioned Methodist” and that you warmly welcomed a contingent of African-American pastors who laid hands on you and anointed you as the next president. It is against this backdrop that I write this letter to you.

Speaking on July 18th to the NAACP convention, you said, “Right now, black kids are 500 percent more likely to die from asthma than white kids.… Continue Reading

Totalitolerance Unleashed


Written by Robert Knight

Ever notice how threats of force invariably follow the Left’s pleas for “tolerance?”

Let’s call this criminalization of dissent “totalitolerance.”  This term has been around since at least 2013, but it deserves wider circulation, given the ferocity and frequency of progressive attacks on free speech.

In California, Attorney General Kamala Harris demanded the names of donors to conservative nonprofits in order to expose them to the kind of harassment endured by supporters of the Prop 8 marriage amendment referendum in 2008.  Last month, in a case involving the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, she was rebuffed by a federal judge who issued a permanent injunction against this “chilling effect on First Amendment rights.”

Meanwhile, Harris joined New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and 18 other liberal attorneys general in an investigation of ExxonMobil’s charitable contributions to groups that question climate change dogma.… Continue Reading

What Millennials Don’t Get About Bernie


Written by Zachary Jonathan Jacobson

Bernie Sanders’ lock on young people has been a constant throughout the Democratic presidential primaries. Exit polling shows he won 83% of voters under 30 in Pennsylvania last month, 74% in Indiana last week and 71% in West Virginia on Tuesday.

Why are Millennials so enamored of Sanders? Most hypotheses credit their enthusiasm for sweeping moral goals such as transparency, fairness and justice. Perhaps young voters prefer Sanders’ call for “revolution” over Hillary Clinton’s more pragmatic incrementalism. Perhaps they are put off by Clinton’s questionable use of a private email server and her highly paid speeches on Wall Street.

Clinton has intimated time and again that Sanders’ powerful “diagnoses” of American economic ills (read: without prescriptions) are the big draw. Larry David, playing the 74-year-old Sanders on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, explained it this way: “The young people love me … because I’m like them. … Continue Reading

Chicago’s ‘Godfather’ Is Under the Gun

Tiny Dancer

Written by Robert Knight

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a longtime Clinton ally, is facing an insurrection over his handling of a white police officer’s shooting of a 17-year-old black youth on October 20, 2014.

Coalition for a New Chicago, a liberal pressure group, is calling for his resignation. The U.S. Justice Department announced a civil rights investigation on Dec. 8, and Democratic State Rep. La Shawn Ford has filed a bill in the Illinois legislature that would allow a mayoral recall election.

Clearly, the mayor’s dismissal of Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy on Dec. 1 did not quell the outrage.

Laquan McDonald was fatally shot with 16 bullets recorded on a police dashcam video that city officials kept under wraps for more than a year before a judge ordered its release last month.… Continue Reading

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