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2018 Primary Election Picks

There are several contested primary races for the Illinois General Assembly due in part to the number of retiring members of the General Assembly. Turnover in such a legislative body is welcomed, but not if the new candidates turn out to be influenced by Leftist ideology which puts them on the wrong side of legislation that impacts the family.

We strongly encourage you to vote in the March 20th primary election. Prior to going to the polls, make sure that you know where your candidates stand on life, marriage (defined by God), and religious freedom.… Continue Reading

SPOTLIGHT: Should Illinois Legalize Recreational Marijuana?

Written by John Biver

Monte Larrick sits down with Oak Brook Police Chief James Kruger and Kathy Valente, the Director of Operations at Illinois Family Institute, to discuss the Cook County referendum on recreational marijuana, and marijuana legalization in Illinois. Chief Kruger also is the president of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, strong opponents of the legalization of marijuana.

Listen to this week’s podcast here:

Voters in Cook County have an advisory referendum on the primary ballot in March asking them to weigh in on whether the state should legalize recreational marijuana.… Continue Reading

SPOTLIGHT: We Need Some Changes in Springfield

Written by John Biver

There is a big election on the horizon. What occurs in the 2018 primary could have huge implications on the future of Illinois. Ralph Rivera is back with Monte and Dave to discuss the March primary, and the legalization of recreational marijuana in Illinois.

Ralph is a lobbyist in Springfield with Illinois Right to Life Action and Illinois Family Institute.

The importance of the March primary is summed up during the discussion by two facts.… Continue Reading

It’s Time to Bring the Southern Poverty Law Center to Justice

Written by Tom DeWeese

There are many powerful forces operating today across the nation to divide the American people and silence opposing views. One of the most active of these efforts is the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

There are two very serious reasons why the SPLC is in many ways more dangerous than other organizations that are fueling the flames of the far left radicals who use violence and lies to stop honest political debate.… Continue Reading

DNC Chairman Ellison Promotes the Tyrannical Group Antifa

Written by Michael F. Haverluck

Even though Antifa’s name is a derivative of “anti-fascists,” its track records shows it is not true to its name, as its members’ violent activity witnessed at Trump’s inauguration and rallies – not to mention their regular attempts to silence free speech on numerous college campuses from coast to coast – is currently under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for domestic terrorism.

As a professed Muslim with a history of supporting Islamic terrorist groups, Ellison appears not be worried about his latest proud display of support for Antifa, of which the FBI has issued warnings about its anticipated violent demonstrations in the near future.… Continue Reading

Happy New Year!

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Celebrate the King of Kings!

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A Grateful Heart!

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Thanksgiving Transcends Our Political Mayhem

Written by Cameron Dominy

“Behold, now, the providence of God”
~William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation (1630-51)

This Thursday, millions of Americans will come together for a strange little holiday we call Thanksgiving. Regretfully, the current climate of American politics means too many celebrations across the country will end in bitter resentment between family members, and a deepened divide in our public discourse. Our commemoration of the 1621 harvest feast between Native Americans and Protestant Separatists is often misconstrued, and seldom understood.… Continue Reading

SPOTLIGHT: Pro-Life Politics with Pastor LeFlore

Written by John Biver

In this week’s Spotlight podcast, Dave Smith sits down to talk to Rev. Ceasar LeFlore, the Founder and Executive Director of the Beloved Community Development Coalition and the Midwest Regional Director of the Life Education and Resource Network (LEARN). Pastor LeFlore is working towards a national pro-life prayer network, he is seeking to unite a million prayer intercessors to daily pray for the end of abortion.

Prayer, Pastor LeFlore said, “is required because an awakening is necessary for the darkness to be overcome.… Continue Reading

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