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Parenting in a World of Tech

Written by Benjamin Smith

Featured in the Spotlight podcast this week is Dr. Rob Rienow, the founder of Visionary Family Ministries. Dr. Rienow is the pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Wheaton, Illinois. Pastor Rienow shares a biblical message of family discipleship at national and international conferences for parents, couples, and church leaders. He partners and consults with numerous churches, encouraging them to accelerate evangelism and discipleship through families. Rob and his wife Amy have seven children and they reside in the western suburbs of Chicago.… Continue Reading

Hillary Rejects Call To Prevent Child Porn

Hillary shouting

Written by Phillip Stucky

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton refused to sign a pledge Monday that would protect children from exploitation by the porn industry.

“In past Administrations, the Internet obscenity laws have not been aggressively or adequately enforced. The invasion of graphic online worldwide is ‘the largest unregulated social experiment in human history,’” the signed pledge reads.

Unlike Clinton, Republican nominee Donald Trump signed the pledge, promising that, if elected president, he will  “uphold the rule of law by aggressively enforce existing federal laws to prevent the sexual exploitation of children online, including the federal obscenity laws, child pornography laws, sexual predation laws and the sex trafficking laws.”

According to a press release by Enough Is Enough (EIE), the organization behind the pledge, children are frequently exposed to porn and other adult content under current parameters.… Continue Reading

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