Turning America Into a 3rd World Country

Written by Robert Knight

Another day, another vote-buying scheme from the Biden regime.

[Last] week, President Biden announced $7.7 billion in bailouts to 160,000 more people who owe money on their student loans. Never mind that the U.S. Supreme Court said he had no authority to shift the burden to taxpayers. Under this regime, the U.S. Constitution is Silly Putty.

Expecting people to repay loans for which they agreed to the terms is what Democrats might call “a threat to democracy.”

The current giveaway brings the total votes bought to 8 million student loan borrowers, of whom 4.75 million will have no monthly payment. Hurray! Now, step over here and register to vote.

The whole thing has cost $167 billion so far. And you thought the high court had reined this in.

Right now, the justices are occupied watching Justice Samuel Alito being flambeed because his wife flew the American flag upside down at their home in protest of a neighbor’s obscene sign and vulgar language.

Justice Alito, one of the most able and honest U.S. Supreme Court members, is what the media and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles E.  Schumer (D-NY), would call “a threat to democracy.”

Anyway, on the student loan front, we’re not done. U.S. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said on May 21:

“The Biden-Harris Administration remains persistent about our efforts to bring student debt relief to millions across the country. … One out of every 10 borrowers now has financial breathing room and a burden lifted.”

Break out the squash rackets and raise a toast.

This must be a great relief to farmers who are one bad crop away from losing the family farm, the heavily mortgaged owner of an auto repair shop who never went to college, or parents who sacrificed greatly to help pay off their children’s tuition.

I think it’s high time that the Biden administration acknowledge these people. They could at least say, “Thanks, suckers!”

On Earth Day, Mr. Biden went to Triangle, Virginia, where he unveiled $7 billion in giveaway funding for solar power projects under the absurdly misnamed Inflation Reduction Act, the green lobby’s $1.2 trillion piggy bank.

Mr. Biden also announced new support for the American Climate Corps. This taxpayer-funded program indoctrinates young people to hector their countrymen over their reluctance to buy electric cars and exchange reliable domestic energy for Chinese-sourced windmills and solar panels.

“The government will ease Climate Corps members’ transition to other federal jobs after they graduate from the program,” Mr. Biden promised.

Of course it will. With 3 million federal workers already on the public payroll and most voting for Democrats, we must need more.

Fittingly, the event featured U.S. Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Ed Markey (D-MA) and U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). They are radical leftists who are driving the supposedly moderate Biden bus — and our country — right over a Marxist cliff.

Mr. Biden also announced “a new partnership between the administration and TradesFutures, the non-profit arm of North America’s Building Trades Unions, allowing Climate Corps members to access some of the union’s apprenticeship programs.”

Do we need to mention that unions are the arms and legs of the Democratic Party? Didn’t think so.

It’s standard practice to reward your supporters. It’s just that Democrats are so good at it, while Republicans often forget who brought them to the dance.

Nonetheless, the GOP is the only thing standing between us and a fourth Obama-Biden term, along with a Schumer-led Senate and a House led by U.S. Representative Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY). Not to mention more leftist judges.

Many commentators lament the nation’s division into increasingly bitter sides. Some of what they say makes sense. It’s a shame we can’t agree to disagree anymore. People cut off friends and even family for having the wrong opinion.

In a recent Wall Street Journal column, left-leaning comedian Bill Maher took a position of neutrality, declaring a pox on both sides. He worries that things could escalate into actual violence.

A cabdriver from Bosnia told him that in his country, he had seen “next-door neighbors who despise each other” become mortal enemies as that country was plunged into actual war.

Mr. Maher spent more ink criticizing the right and made no mention of the leftist, antisemitic campus protests or the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots. But he did note that an old friend he had invited to a party declined upon learning that a Trump voter would be there. “I wouldn’t breathe the same air,” the invitee said.

Yes, we need to get along and to try to understand others with whom we disagree. Yes, there are loons on both sides. But one side — the left — is turning the United States into a Third World country as fast as it can by whipping up division and abusing federal power.

For example, President Biden gave another speech pouring acid on racial wounds, this time at Morehouse College, where he basically told graduates that America hates them for being Black.

In four Democratic jurisdictions, former President Donald Trump is on trial on spurious charges.

And in Washington, the Republican-run U.S. House had to step in to block noncitizens, including illegal immigrants, from voting in city elections. Think about this when you contemplate millions of immigrants crossing Mr. Biden’s open border illegally.

By all means, let us be civil.

But our liberties will soon be history if we confuse civility with a comfortable retreat into neutrality.

This article was originally published by The Washington Times.

Robert Knight is a former Los Angeles Times news editor and writer and was a Media Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. This column was originally published by The Washington Times.

He has been published by the Wall Street Journal, National Review, the Christian Post, AmericanThinker.com, DailyCaller.com, Townhall.com, OneNewsNow.com and many others.  He has co-authored three books and written 10, including “Liberty on the Brink: How the Left Plans to Steal Your Vote” (D. James Kennedy Ministries, 2020) and “The Coming Communist Wave: What Happens If the Left Captures All Three Branches of Government” (D. James Kennedy Ministries, 2020) . 

You can follow him on Twitter at @RobertKnight17, and his website is roberthknight.com.