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The Next IL GOP Chair Will Be…

Written by David E. Smith and David E. Curtin

The Illinois Republican State Central Committee (SCC) will be meeting tomorrow to consider how to fill the vacancy left by Chairman Don Tracy, who resigned in June. We are only aware of a couple of candidates who are up for consideration. Of course, we want to see someone who is fully committed to uphold the planks on the sanctity of human life, marriage, family, immigration security and religious liberty.… Continue Reading

This Political Moment is No Laughing Matter

Written by Calvin Lindstrom

There have been a lot of laughs at President Joseph R. Biden’s expense since his disastrous debate with former President Trump on Thursday, June 28.

Democrats have been in a state of panic since then.

USA Today on June 30 reported the shocking results of a CBS/You Gov National Survey in which 72% of voters –  as well as nearly half of his party – said they do not believe Biden has the mental or cognitive capacity to serve as president.… Continue Reading

The Threat of Non-Citizens Voting is Here

Written by Nancy Hayes

The threat of non-citizens voting is real. It’s time to restore confidence in U.S. elections. Congress must pass the ‘SAVE’ Act which stands for the “Safeguard American Voter Eligibility’ Act.

If 6.4 percent of all noncitizens were to vote in the 2024 general election (which is the same rate as noncitizen voting found in the 2014 study) more than two million noncitizens (2,028,800) would end up casting a ballot.

If that same percent of the 5.1 million noncitizens who arrived in the U.S.… Continue Reading

Illinois Tax and Spend Budget for FY 2025

Written by David E. Smith

In the wee hours of the morning, Democrats — who control the Illinois House of Representatives — approved a $53.1 billion budget for the 2025 fiscal year. The 3,374 page budget, plus supplemental spending bills, had already been approved by Democrats — who control the Illinois Senate — on Sunday evening.

The budget includes a significant increase in spending — $400 million more than what Governor J.B. Pritzker had initially proposed.

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An Opposing View of Direct Election of GOP SCC

Written by Larry D. Smith

As many of you know the issue of direct election of the Illinois State Central Committee people has been around for a long time predominantly promoted by a single individual. Though I am always open to new and better ideas, it is unfortunate this ill conceived idea is once again being revisited.

It is a bad, poorly thought through idea.

I called the primary promoter of this concept to give him a fair hearing on something he was clearly passionate about.… Continue Reading

Rebuilding the Illinois GOP

Written by Jon A. Zahm

By Allowing EVERY GOP Primary Voter an Equal Vote for Party Leadership

When you donate money to the Illinois Republican Party to fight back against President Joe Biden, Governor JB Pritzker, and the supermajority of liberal Democrats in both chambers of the General Assembly, how are the funds spent?

It is up to a 17-member governing board, the State Central Committee (SCC), one person from each Congressional District chosen by party insiders ranging from Precinct Committeemen to Township Committeemen to County Chairmen.… Continue Reading

Why is the GOP Still Pushing the Left’s Decarceration Agenda?

Written by Daniel Horowitz

Reducing sentences for our already under-incarcerated criminal population is a great goal of George Soros. Yet for the past 15 years, this dystopian objective has been supported by the Kochs and other libertarian front groups that convinced Republicans — and, eventually, Donald Trump — to join the jailbreak bandwagon.

Now, despite the ubiquitous recognition that we have a violent crime problem because of weak deterrent power against criminals, particularly juveniles, the Koch-funded groups continue to wield influence among Republicans to further weaken the criminal deterrent rather than strengthening it.… Continue Reading

SPOTLIGHT: What to Expect in the 2024 Election

Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

In this episode of Illinois Family Spotlight, Monte Larrick interviews Pastor Myles Holmes of Revive Church.

In this interview, Pastor Holmes tackles the issue of the 2024 election.

Making America great again actually means making America godly again. We need to get back to the Constitution, but even before that, back to the Bible and what has made America great, which is faith in God.

Listen to “What to Expect in the 2024 Election” anywhere you find podcasts or click the link below:

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SPOTLIGHT: What’s Happening In Springfield?

Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

In this week’s Spotlight episode, David Curtin, IFI’s Springfield Lobbyist, gives an update on the Illinois General Assembly.

As it relates to Assisted Suicide in Illinois, David Curtin has a hopeful update:

Assisted Suicide is dead for now. We don’t expect it to come up before the end of May. If it comes up during veto session in the Fall, maybe? If it comes up next year, maybe?

But, we are just ecstatic that IFI listeners registered their opinion on so many bills down here.

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Illinois Democrats Muscle Through Changes to Cut Off Ballot Access and Advisory Question

Written by David E. Smith

Illinois State Democrats used their supermajority advantage this week to ram through changes to state election laws (right before an election) to hurt two groups of people: parents and Republicans. With lightning speed in 24 hours, Democrats unveiled and passed legislation that Governor JB Pritzker hurriedly signed which limits ballot access and adds three nonbinding referendums to the 2024 general election ballot.

The bill, SB 2412, was filed at the last minute and left no time for citizens to weigh in.… Continue Reading