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Biden and Corporate Wokesters Assault Election Integrity Laws

Written by Ken Blackwell

Corporate titans tripping over themselves to be “woke” by condemning election integrity laws like Georgia’s S.B. 202 are failing in their duty to focus on running their companies profitably, ironically instead pushing an agenda that other nations show destroys private business under one-party socialist rule.

As a shareholder in the ownership of a major sports franchise and a former partner in a broadcast company, I could do whatever I want with profits once they were in my personal pocket.… Continue Reading

School Board Candidate Slanders IFI in Shocking Press Release

Written by Laurie Higgins

Illinois Family Institute (IFI) was made aware of a shocking press release issued by BLM activist Tim McGowan who is running for the school board in District 211 (Schaumburg, Palatine, Hoffman Estates, Fremd, and Conant High Schools)—the same school district that was embroiled in a controversy in 2019 when the former superintendent and school board sexually integrated all district locker rooms and bathrooms.

In his press release, Mr. McGowan opposes a slate of three candidates, accusing them of being funded by IFI and accusing us of being a “racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic hate group” whose “dark right-wing money” is “bankrolling candidates’ robocalls” for his opponents.

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Illinois Polling Data Reveals Common Sense Values

Written By Calvin Lindstrom

In early March 2021, IFI partnered with several other groups to commission a poll of 600 registered Illinois voters who were not employed by any political campaign. Nine questions were asked of the respondents along with eight demographic questions. The results are enlightening.

Of those surveyed only 34% attended church weekly or more than once a week. In terms of political affiliation, 42% identified as Democrat, 20% Independent, and 32% Republican. And in terms of race, Hispanics comprised 6%, blacks 14%, and whites 75% of those polled, which reflects Illinois population demographics*.… Continue Reading

Arin Thrower for Dundee Township Supervisor

There are two current Dundee Township Trustees (Republicans) running for re-election. They are Ken Schaefer and Richard Ahrens. Susan Romano and Henry Kolff are also running.

Chris Kemp is running for Township Supervisor and Autumn Sheppard is running for Clerk.

Sue Harney, who is a current Trustee, is also running for re-election. She has been on the Board as both a Supervisor and Trustee for the Township for more than 16 years and has always run as a Republican.… Continue Reading

Sharon Brannigan: Palos Township Assessor Candidate!

I am a Republican running for Palos Township Assessor and the election will be in April 2021.  I have proudly served two terms as Palos Township Trustee first elected in 2013 and then again in 2017.

I am committed to serving the residents of Palos Township and will NOT be taking a state offered pension upon winning this position.  I want to retire the pension of the person who is serving now and help move our Township and state to a better financial situation when retiring this person and his pension.… Continue Reading

College of Lake County: Robert J. Tomei Jr. For Trustee

As a lifetime Lake County resident, where I currently live in Gurnee, education is in my DNA. I attended Warren Township High School from 2001-05, where I graduated among the highest in my class and received All-Conference football honors. In 2009, I also graduated with honors from Illinois State University as a “Diversity Scholar” with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Studies, gathering a few credits from the College of Lake County along the way.… Continue Reading

Barb Tolbert and Nicole Grimes for School Board District 125

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It is important that you know that the IFA board of directors and I, support Barb Tolbert & Nicole Grimes in the upcoming Stevenson District 125 School Board Election.

Like them we believe in good government which is reflected in their campaign platform of  accountability, choice and transparency. Both are very capable and qualified and if you care about having a voice in our children’s education and how your tax dollars are spent, we urge you to vote for Tolbert and Grimes in the race for Stevenson School Board on or before April 6. … Continue Reading

Three Strong, Independent Moms Endorsed by IFA for District 211 School Board

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

For Schaumburg/Palatine Township High School District 211, serving Palatine, Fremd, Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates and Conant High Schools, there are three seats up this election. The IFA board of directors and I strongly recommend voting for Kristen SteelRobi Vollkommer, and Jessica Hinkle. All 3 are moms in the district and are the best candidates to represent parents and students. They are not funded by the unions and are opposed to the radical idea of biological males having access to female locker rooms and sports teams.Continue Reading

Don’t Let the Cancel Culture Take Down State Representative Chris Miller

Written by David E. Smith

Chris and Mary Miller are perhaps the most conservative elected Republican lawmakers in the state of Illinois. Inevitably, this makes them prime targets of the Left’s hate-and-smear machine.

Chris Miller is a state representative serving the 110th District at the Capitol in Springfield since 2019. His wife Mary Miller is a freshman Congresswoman serving the 15th District at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. They are a hardworking Christian couple who have raised seven children, operate a family ranch and farm, and are well-respected leaders in their local church and community.Continue Reading

Keep Crete Township Republican!

Members of the staff and the board of directors of Illinois Family Action have been vetting candidates throughout the state, looking to endorse good conservative candidates for school boards, township/village officials, library districts and more.

We have some great recommendations for you in Crete Township for the upcoming Consolidated Election. We recommend the following Republican slate of candidates for Township Positions. Under the conservative leadership of this Republican slate, the township has maintained a balanced budget and remains completely debt-free.… Continue Reading