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It’s The Violent Gun Felons

Written by Daniel Horowitz

We need not steal people’s guns without due process, as Joe Biden suggests, nor do we need to send in the National Guard to protect America’s cities, as Donald Trump recently suggested. What Chicago’s experience demonstrates is that we simply need to lock up the gun felons and career criminals who have already been found guilty through due process. It’s not so much about funding the police or drastic measures of having the military occupy American cities, but about simply locking up the criminals.

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Post Election Analysis and Our Time for Action

Written by Calvin Lindstrom

Illinois conservatives face serious challenges in the gubernatorial race.

In 2014, BruceThe DeceiverRauner beat Pat Quinn in the race for governor by about 140,000 votes. Quinn won only one county: Cook County. Rauner won in large measure by deceiving Illinoisans–including many conservatives–with his dishonest campaign promises. By the time he ran for reelection in 2018, Rauner had been found out and, as a consequence, had little support. He received nearly 58,000 fewer votes in the 2018 election and was trounced by J.Continue Reading

JB Pritzker: “Let Them Have Pennies”

Written by David E. Smith

This past Thursday, Governor J.B. Pritzker and other Democrat members of the Illinois General Assembly held a press conference to trumpet their weak election-year economic “relief” plan. They must be tone-deaf. This temporary plan does very little for working families long-term. High taxes plus the inflated costs of gasoline, electricity, and food have all but destroyed discretionary spending.

Unlike billionaire Pritzker, the majority of families in Illinois have very little savings in reserve.… Continue Reading

Conservative Christian Candidate Running for Stephenson County Clerk

Written by IFA Staff

Conservative Christian Jennifer Alber Blakely, lifelong resident of Stephenson County, is a candidate for Stephenson County Clerk, a position to be vacated by retiring Vici Otte.

Blakely is 39 years-old and owns a local business and has a small farm raising beef cattle. She and her husband are raising five children in rural Stephenson County and are members of the Stephenson County Farm Bureau.

Blakely has fifteen years clerical and office managerial experience, supervises nine employees, is a former insurance agent, handles payroll, tax preparation, accounts payable and accounts receivable, and is skilled in customer relations.… Continue Reading

Election Day: Please Go Vote

Don’t Forget to Vote Today!

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Citizens across the state of Illinois will be casting their votes in today’s Primary Election. Pro-family candidates need your vote. Therefore, Values Voters must stand up and be counted. Our voice in this election – and in every election – is critical.  So, if you haven’t already voted in this election cycle, please make sure you get to the polls today!

Please keep this election day in prayer – humbly asking our Heavenly Father’s blessings on those who are currently in leadership and for those who are seeking positions of leadership in the state, local, and national levels (1 Timothy 2:1-4).… Continue Reading

IFA’s Pro-Life, Pro-Family Primary Picks for 2022

Written by David E. Smith

Early voting for the June 28th Primary Election is underway! We are praying Christian voters in Illinois will come out in droves to cast their ballots in support of pro-life, pro-family candidates.

The Illinois Family Action staff and board has compiled our endorsements for the June 28 primary election. That list of endorsements of the best pro-life/pro-family candidates can be viewed below, are separated into federal and state categories. This post will be updated, so check back as more content is added.… Continue Reading

Club for Growth Endorsement of Catalina Lauf In Name Only?

By John Lopez

Early Thursday (June 23) afternoon , the venerable Club for Growth PAC, one of the leading free-enterprise advocacy groups known for spending millions of dollars through independent expenditures (IE) to elect their endorsed candidates to public office, either the U.S. House, the U.S. Senate or governorships, endorsed Catalina Lauf (R, Woodstock) five days before the Illinois primary for the 11th Congressional District.

Applying discernment to this endorsement reveals some very unusual observations, which are shared to determine why this Club for Growth PAC differs from the other current 13 U.S.… Continue Reading

Anni Cyrus Interviews Two Important Candidates in Illinois

Written by Paul Hurst

Anni Cyrus is the Founder of Live Up To Freedom, a grassroots group of international human rights activists focused on protecting and promoting the principles of freedom and equality outlined in the United States Constitution and the civil and human rights of all American citizens and legal residents, regardless of race, creed, religion, or political affiliation.

She is a friend and frequent speaker at Illinois Family Institute events with one of her event videos reaching over 1.3 million views.… Continue Reading

Ethics in Government Act of 1978 Promulgates Candidates Filing Financial Disclosure Statements

by John Lopez

As Illinois Family Action begins looking at the Financial Disclosure statements (FD) of Republican candidates seeking the Republican nominations on June 28 for U.S. House or U.S. Senate, voters have an early look at the kind of Member of Congress they would be if nominated and elected on November 8.

Last week, the suburban Chicagoland’s Daily Herald ran articles about FDs for both congressional candidates and incumbents.

In addition to the contents of an FD, other factors will complement a congressional primary voter’s decision whom to support in an election.… Continue Reading

Looking for Campaign Volunteers

Written by David E. Smith

The important issues at stake are in the headlines every day. The attacks against the right to life, religious liberty, rights of conscience and biological reality are increasing; putting even common sense at risk. Most government schools are teaching inappropriate “comprehensive” sex-education to kindergarteners, and in many high schools are now allowing confused biological boys to use the girl’s washrooms, locker rooms and showers.

It’s not just the gubernatorial election that is of critical importance, but every office “down ballot” as well.… Continue Reading