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Democrats: Doomed by Internal Contradictions

Written by Michael Medved

To understand why they lost the election to Donald Trump and the Republicans, stunned Democrats must come to terms with the internal contradictions in their party’s policies and personalities.

On a policy level, Democrats tell the voters that the government is corrupt, and slanted toward the rich and powerful, even while they seek to grow that government. If corrupt government is using its power to help the privileged, you can’t correct the problem by handing government even more power.

Second, while Democrats pretend to represent the powerless rather than the privileged, they always pick elite candidates to head the ticket. Of the last 8 Democrats nominated for president, every one of them—8 for 8—had a degree from either Yale or Harvard.

Hillary Clinton could hardly appeal to outsiders who feel cheated by the system: with her Ivy League background and personal wealth, she’s been part of the political power elite her whole adult life.… Continue Reading

‘Indivisible,’ With Ties to George Soros, Sows Division Against Trump, GOP Lawmakers

Written by Frank Lucas

Democrats who used to work on Capitol Hill are helping to disrupt Republican lawmakers’ town hall meetings across the country through a nationwide effort to oppose and “resist” President Donald Trump’s agenda.

They call their group Indivisible Guide, a name that came from an actual guide posted online telling activists how to pressure members of Congress. Among topics: what to say when going to town halls and calling or visiting a member’s office.

Leaders of the organization have loose ties to George Soros, the billionaire hedge fund manager who bankrolls liberal causes, according to the Capital Research Center, a conservative think tank that investigates nonprofits.

However, in an email Friday to The Daily Signal, board members of Indivisible Guide denied financial backing from Soros:

We have received donations from more than 4,000 people since putting a donate button on our site two weeks ago.

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7 Things You Need To Know About Incoming RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel

Written by Aaron Bandler

Ronna Romney McDaniel has officially been named as the new chair of the Republican National Committee.

“I am a mom from Michigan,” McDaniel said in Tuesday’s RNC meeting. “I am an outsider. And I am here to make Donald Trump and Republicans everywhere successful.”

McDaniel also criticized the Democrat Party as an “elite, coastal, redistributionist Party of the status quo” and hailed the Republican Party as “the national, opportunity for everyone, party of change.”

Here are seven things you need to know about McDaniel.

1. She is the niece of Mitt Romney. This is interesting because Romney was particularly critical of President-elect Donald Trump during the campaign, although he was in consideration to become the secretary of state in the Trump administration. McDaniel, on the other hand, has been supportive of Trump and was a Michigan delegate for Trump at the RNC.

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Illinois Election Data Now Available From Statewide on Down to the Precinct Level


Written by John Biver

Are you curious about how the vote turned out in your area? What did voters decide in your precinct? Did they vote to continue “hope and change,” or did they instead cast their ballot to “make America great again”? This information is especially important for elected Precinct Committeemen who worked their precincts.

Precinct-level election results and more can be found with a few points and clicks at the website “Illinois Election Data,” “a data driven website … created to share and display useful campaign data on Illinois elections.” The website is the work of Scott Kennedy — here is an excerpt from Mr. Kennedy’s “About” page:

I previously worked on a number of Illinois statewide races for Democratic candidates, two governor races and two senate races.

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The Unexpected Contest of 2016: Free Market Capitalism v. Democratic Socialism


Written by John Biver

Democratic Party presidential candidate Bernie Sanders brought back to life a debate many thought had died with the old Soviet Union of Socialist Republics, the German Democratic Republic (the former East Germany), and many other current and past failed states throughout history. The question of whether socialism can be made to work returned zombie-like from the dead in 2016.

Supporters of free market capitalism were asking how this could be in light of the fact that no matter where socialism has been tried in the world it has failed. That is answered in part, of course, because of the sad reality that history and economics are increasingly no longer taught in the K-college school systems. (Note – that’s K-COLLEGE, not just K-12).

Others suggest that many Americans simply see capitalism as having failed.… Continue Reading

Fear the Voting Dead


Written by Daniel J. Sobieski

President-elect Donald J. Trump has been mocked for his tweeted claim that if it were not for illegal aliens voting, he might very well have won the popular as well as the electoral vote. Is his claim less credible than the one put forth by some of Trump’s opponents that Russian hackers got into voting machines that aren’t even connected to the Internet to switch votes around?

Trump puts the number at several million. Certainly the number is higher than one, considering the loosening of voting restrictions in recent years, from motor voter laws to same-day registration to handing out drivers licenses to illegal aliens. It is in no way implausible to picture an illegal alien getting his driver’s license and then marching to the polls to vote against a candidate who opposes such actions by government,

I would argue that in this context the efforts by Democrats to fight voting integrity efforts such as Voter ID requirements and purging the rolls of dead voters is designed to rig the system, as Trump might say, in their favor.… Continue Reading

Impossible to Ignore Conservative Trend

Written by Michael Medved

In order to minimize the scope of the conservative victory on in the recent elections, liberal commentators treat Donald Trump’s achievement as an isolated fluke – with a TV celebrity winning a battle of personalities by just enough votes in the upper mid-west to win a surprising electoral college victory.

But this misleading account ignores Republican triumphs at every other level:

for the U.S. Senate, where the GOP won 21 races and the Democrats won 12;

for Governorships, where Republicans now control 34 states to the Democrats 15;

and to the U.S. House, where Republicans won at least 241 seats to the Democrats 194.

These are crushing margins – and the GOP has now won the U.S. House of Representatives 4 times in a row, and 10 times of the last 12.… Continue Reading

Dump Lax Election Enforcement, Not Electoral College


Written by Robert Knight

It looks like Hillary Clinton will finish with slightly more popular votes than President-elect Donald Trump, who won a clear majority of Electoral votes [two weeks ago].

Predictably, Democrats are clamoring to abolish the Electoral College, which the Founders created as part of the separation of powers and a hedge against mob rule.

Big states with large cities dominated by Democrats are disadvantaged by the winner-take-all rules, the Dems argue. California, New York and Illinois went big for Mrs. Clinton, but were countered by Trump victories in dozens of smaller states and some big ones, too, such as Ohio, Florida, Texas and Pennsylvania.

The main argument for abolishing the Electoral College is that people who voted for the loser in any of these states had no say and figuratively “wasted” their votes.… Continue Reading

This One State Proves Why the Electoral College Exists

I voted sticker on American flag.

Written by Robert Eno

The 2016 presidential election is a textbook example of why the Founders, in their infinite wisdom, chose the Electoral College method of electing the president. Their elegant compromise ensures that states with small population still have a say in who is elected president. The results from Election Day 2016 highlight this exquisitely. If you remove anyone of a handful of large population states from the popular vote count, Trump won the rest of the country convincingly.Six days after the election, the race has been called in 48 states and the District of Columbia. Donald Trump has a 290 to 228 Electoral College vote lead. Trump is leading by approximately 12,000 votes in Michigan, and trails by a smaller margin in New Hampshire. If those two states finished where the vote is now, Trump will have 306 Electoral College votes to Hillary Clinton’s 232.

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Ensuring Electoral Integrity in 2020

Image result for electronic voting

Written by Paul Murphy

Al Franken cast the decisive 60th senate vote passing Obamacare and virtually everyone now agrees that his initial election in 2008 was achieved through judicially assisted electoral fraud; Clinton buddy Terry McAuliffe was almost certainly elected by felons and illegals; and my personal prediction is that historians will eventually agree that Obama lost the 2012 presidential election to Romney by about 2.5% of the legal vote.

Democracy depends on the integrity of the secret ballot process and fraud, whether mostly real and extensive or mostly imaginary and minor, cannot be accepted. Electoral reform has to find a place near the top of the new administration’s priorities list.

In my pre-retirement life as an info-tech management consultant I generally used and praised products from a company called Sun MicroSystems.… Continue Reading

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