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Who Exactly Are The Marijuana Offenders Biden Just Pardoned?

Written by Daniel Horowitz

Unless you were at the Capitol on January 6, federal prosecutors don’t target you for prison for simply possessing marijuana. In fact, in this era of marijuana as the national pastime, you won’t find anyone originally targeted by prosecutors for nothing more than simple possession serving time in prison. So, when Biden makes a grand announcement that he is pardoning all those convicted of simple possession, you know there is more to it than meets the eye.… Continue Reading

Loves Park: JUST SAY NO!

On Monday, November 1st, Loves Park aldermen will vote on allowing recreational marijuana businesses to set up shop. Because of the flood of marijuana revenue into the state coffers as a result of the lockdown, they see an irresistible cash cow.

What they apparently aren’t taking into consideration is the rise in suicides, and drug and alcohol use due to the lockdown policies and an increase in unemployment, business closures and domestic violence. Marijuana is not the answer.Continue Reading

SPOTLIGHT: How Regressive Legislation Forms Cultural Norms

Written by Benjamin Smith

In this week’s Spotlight, Pastor Calvin Lindstrom sits down with Dave Smith and Monte Larrick to discuss the distorted message and disastrous impact of the growing weed wave that is flooding the nation and the incestuous relationship between our elected officials (and their family members) and Big Marijuana. They also offer information about the “opt-out” option for counties and detail how you can encourage your local officials to opt-out of retail marijuana establishments in your area.… Continue Reading

Abortion: The People Are Catching On

Written by William Murchison

So, when the U.S. Supreme Court numbered abortion among our precious constitutional rights, we expected everlasting bliss? Anything but the present knock-down-drag-out over Roe v. Wade and its prospects for survival?

I mean, we’re stunned to see state legislatures moving to outlaw abortion? Why? On what grounds? America is presently absorbing a major political science lesson. To wit, a social revolution commenced and overseen by a coterie of philosopher kings — Platonic guardians, you could say — is a non-starter.… Continue Reading

Say NO to Weed

Continue Reading

SPOTLIGHT: Jeanne Ives Addresses Marijuana and Illinois’ Economic Crisis

Written by Benjamin Smith

This week’s Spotlight features Jeanne Ives as she presents facts and figures that underscore the stark reality Democrats in the Land of Lincoln are unwilling to face. As a former Illinois state representative and recent gubernatorial candidate, Ms. Ives is supremely qualified to speak to the myriad of problems that plague our state.

Rather than relying on anticipated (i.e., overly optimistic and ultimately insufficient) tax revenue from legal recreational marijuana to solve Illinois’ economic crisis, pension mismanagement, and outmigration woes, Ms.… Continue Reading

SPOTLIGHT: Consequences of Marijuana Legalization and Commercialization

Written by Benjamin Smith

Joining Monte Larrick for this week’s Spotlight podcast are Dr. Karen Randall and Jo McGuire, both Colorado residents and marijuana experts in their respective fields. Sixty Illinois legislators, Republicans and Democrats, have issued a resolution calling for a slowdown regarding legalization and commercialization of high-potency marijuana – and our guests say a slowdown is well-warranted.

Dr. Randall and Ms. McGuire can attest that the overall cost to health, safety, law enforcement, and social service entities in their state far outweighs the miniscule “profit” generated through marijuana tax revenue.… Continue Reading

SPOTLIGHT: Why Would We Legalize a City-Destroying Drug?

Written by Benjamin Smith

A recent forum on marijuana, hosted by IFI, is the source of this week’s Spotlight podcast. Many factors contribute to the growing problem of homelessness in America and according to Pastor Phil Kwiatkowski, president of Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago, the most common factor is drug use and addiction.  With this reality in mind, how could anyone, especially in Chicago (ranked in the top 10 U.S. cities for homelessness), think that legalizing recreational marijuana is a good idea?… Continue Reading

SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Randall Explains THC and CBD

Written by Benjamin Smith

In this week’s Spotlight podcast – maybe we should call it a potcast – Dr. Karen Randall returns to share her knowledge and experience with legal, high-potency marijuana, not only in her role as an ER physician, but also as a tax-paying resident of Colorado.

Dr. Randall explains the difference between the major compounds, THC and CBD, found in the marijuana plant and addresses how genetic modification affects compound levels. Monte, Dave, and Dr.… Continue Reading

SPOTLIGHT: A Marijuana State of Mind

Written by Benjamin Smith

Jo McGuire once again joins Monte Larrick and David Smith for a conversation on the extensive topic of commercial marijuana and the ongoing ramifications of legalized pot in Colorado. Ms. McGuire is the chairman of the National Drug and Alcohol Screening

The podcast opens with a discussion of an issue that is often overlooked – how might legalized access to marijuana affect, even pose a threat to, safe and drug-free work environments?… Continue Reading