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Join Us in Bensenville For a Drive-Inn Event to Watch “Agenda: Grinding America Down”

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IFA Monthly Breakfast Meeting in NW ‘burbs for July 24th

Our second breakfast meeting in the northwest suburbs will feature conservative pro-family advocate and candidate for state representative, Tom Morrison.  Tom grew up in the Chicago suburbs where politics and culture were everyday topics discussed at the family dinner table.

His parents, Roger and the late Susan Morrison, were active, lifelong Republicans, involved in both local and national issues.

Tom absorbed their passion and love for America and their respect for our nation’s Constitution.  His zeal for America’s founding principles would eventually lead him to seek public office.

Today, Tom is a successful businessman who serves members of our community during tough circumstances.  He knows what it takes to meet payroll and control expenses.  With a strong work ethic, he has created jobs in the midst of economic challenge.

Tom and his wife, Bethany, live in Palatine with their two children, Tyler, almost three, and one year old Susanna.… Continue Reading

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