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Children Do Best When They Have a Mother and Father Bound to Each Other in Marriage

Written by Dr. Everett Piper

Progressives frequently point fingers at those who disagree with them, calling them deplorables, Bible-thumping rubes and science deniers. Yet without fail, our accusers rarely provide any evidence to support their claims. The leftists’ call to “respect the science,” i.e., look at the obvious empirical evidence, almost always works against them rather than for them and their utopian schemes.

This is true across the spectrum of the current political debate. Be it inflation, foreign policy, immigration, racism, the efficacy of masks, climate change or gender identity, when we look at the empirical data relevant to any of these topics, the science screams that progressives are wrong and conservatives have been right all along.… Continue Reading

There’s a Charlottesville Every Week, and Joe Biden Is Fine With It

Written by David Harsanyi

Not long ago, Snopes, a left-wing “fact-checking” site, finally admitted that Donald Trump had never called the neo-Nazis who marched at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017 “very fine people.”

For years, Democrats, including President Joe Biden, have repeated this false claim. Indeed, Biden, who’s been running for the presidency since 1987, ludicrously told the press in 2019 that the events in Charlottesville, and Trump’s alleged reaction, inspired him to run in 2020.… Continue Reading

Democrats Make Race the Measure of All Things

Written by Robert Knight

Did you ever think you would see the day when Jewish students on elite college campuses were afraid to attend classes?

Pro-Hamas mobs have taken over. They have built tent cities and made it clear that Jews and anyone supporting Israel is an enemy.

At Columbia University, Israel-born Shai Davidai, an assistant professor at the business school, was told that his keycard was deactivated after he spoke at a pro-Israel rally.… Continue Reading

Nonsense on Parade

Written by Dr. Everett Piper

It’s 2024, and we are living in schizophrenic times. Dickensian times: the best of times, yet the worst; times where we demand the truth while reveling in our lies; times of great material gain but of even greater moral loss; times of calling good evil and evil good; times of saying bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter; times of the “tolerant” not tolerating what they find intolerable.

These are times when Jews are shamed and shunned by those who claim to stand against ghettos, gulags and racism.… Continue Reading

Teaching Antisemitism at Harvard

Written by Dr. Everett Piper

Before moving to Oklahoma, I served as the dean of students at a liberal arts college in Michigan. In that role, I also taught a few classes. One of them was the obligatory new student orientation course, where each year, I sought to orient my small group of freshmen to collegiate life and challenge them to wrestle with what it meant to be a disciplined thinker.

One assignment I routinely included in my syllabus was to watch the 1993 movie “Schindler’s List” and then write a three-page paper. … Continue Reading

Democrats’ Agenda to Divide America Include BLM and Hamas

Written by David E. Smith

The Democratic Party is having a tough time living up to its own foolish rhetoric. Not only are they having problems with their core voters in sanctuary cities like Chicago and New York City, but they are having a devil of a time dealing with leftwing progressives that support Hamas/Palestinian terror against Israel. In the process, they are alienating otherwise reliable Democratic black voters in the former and Jewish voters in the latter.… Continue Reading

Democrats Offer Cringeworthy Response to Horrific Terror Attacks in Israel

Written by Peter Heck

I understood and agreed with the criticism aimed at the Biden administration when it took half a day for the President of the United States to offer any kind of official statement condemning the coordinated, murderous invasion of Israeli neighborhoods, communities, businesses, and homes committed by Hamas terrorists. The deafening silence from the White House was unacceptable from every angle.

From a moral perspective, it was egregiously passive. For the leader of a progressive movement that prides itself on the silly pretension it champions both women and human rights, the sight of the unfolding horror demanded immediate, thunderous condemnation.… Continue Reading

Keith Ellsion, Former Nation of Islam Member, For DNC Chairman?


Written by John Biver

Now that Barack Obama’s second term is coming to an end, the question is — who will fill his shoes as the leader of the Democratic Party? Minnesota U.S. Representative Keith Ellison would like the job — and is officially seeking to become the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Journalist and newspaper editor Caroline Glick has pointed out that “When a party is out of power, the party chairman is also treated like its formal leader, and most active spokesman.”… Continue Reading