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Remember & Honor Those Who Gave All

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Three Strikes – You’re Out

Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

On Sunday, April 21st, Governor J.B. Pritzker appeared on CNN to discuss the 2024 Biden Presidential Campaign.

During his segment, Pritzker relayed a series of factually incorrect statements. For the sake of time, only three of these statements will be briefly discussed here.

Pritzker’s first claim was that adding Robert F. Kennedy to the presidential ballot would not affect Biden’s campaign. But a recent New York Times article noted,

Fears among Democrats are particularly acute this year, with polls suggesting that Mr.

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Judicial Watch Sues to Enforce Voter Roll Clean Up on Behalf of Illinois Conservative Leaders

(Joint Press Release issued by Illinois Family Action, Breakthrough Ideas, and Carol J. Davis)

Non profit organizations Illinois Family Action and Breakthrough Ideas; along with lawfully registered Illinois voter Carol J. Davis; join with Judicial Watch in announcing that a federal lawsuit has been filed against the Illinois State Board of Elections and its Executive Director, Bernadette Matthews.

At issue is failure to comply with federal law regarding voter roll maintenance (the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, NVRA).… Continue Reading

IFA Needs Your Support in This Election Cycle!

Written by David E. Smith

The Board of Directors at Illinois Family Action will soon be announcing our endorsements for the 2024 Primary Election! These candidates have shown an unwavering commitment to stand for family, faith, and freedom and against bigger government. Together, we can work to turn Illinois out of the death spiral that Democrats seem to ignore or welcome. We are proud to stand with them and endorse their 2024 campaigns.

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Happy New Year!

On this first day of 2024, we come to you with an overwhelming heart of appreciation, and it is from all of us at IFI and IFA… We are blessed.

Blessed by your unwavering, unqualified support for the work we are doing in deep blue Illinois.

Blessed that you stand with us in fervent prayer. We know God’s hand is guiding and protecting us!

Blessed to be your advocates for the sanctity of human life, religious liberty, parental rights, natural marriage and family.… Continue Reading

Giving Thanks in All Things!

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First Thanksgiving Reminds Us To Give Thanks In Everything

Imagine fleeing from your homeland after experiencing severe persecution for your faith, losing friends during a harsh winter in the New World, and barely surviving diseases like scurvy. These harsh events, and more, begin to describe what the Pilgrims went through in 1620 and 1621.

Looking back at the Pilgrims’ lives in Europe, they had good reason to leave everything behind and set out for the New World. The Church of England was under the rule of King Charles I, and political elites ruled over religious establishments.… Continue Reading

SPOTLIGHT: The Fight for Free Speech with Pastor Stephen Lee

Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

If we fear God, we fear nothing else. If we don’t fear God, we fear everything, and everyone else.

~Pastor Stephen Lee

This special episode of Illinois Family Spotlight features an interview with Attorney David Shestokas and the charges that have been brought against his client, Pastor Stephen Lee.

Pastor Lee is the interim pastor of the Living Word Church in Orland Park, is a former police officer, and a former police chaplain.… Continue Reading

Preparing for the 2024 Elections

Illinois Family Action is praying and helping God-fearing conservatives run for elected office. It’s hard to believe, but candidates for the 2024 election cycle will start asking voters for their signatures on petitions September 5th! Candidates need a certain number of valid signatures to be listed on the March ’24 primary ballot. (Candidates can legally file their petitions with the State Board of Elections as early as November 27th or as late as December 4th.) For more information about running for office, please click HERE.Continue Reading

Can We Count On Your Support?

Written by David E. Smith

Our Christian values, common sense, and most basic freedoms have been under severe and growing attack for years, but perhaps never as intensely as the past few years. From pro-life prayer warriors to students to pastors to the those employed in secular businesses, no one has been safe from attacks by the apostles of wokeism, federal agencies of the Biden administration, and other aggressive opponents of orthodox Christianity and western culture.… Continue Reading