I am sure many of you know the story of Mark Houck, a pro-life activist and father of seven who was accused of harassing and shoving 73-year-old abortion clinic escort, Bruce Love, in an incident last year. Mark and his 12-year-old-son were doing sidewalk counseling at an abortion clinic in Pennsylvania. Mr. Love started verbally harassing the 12-year-old and that’s when the pushing ensued. Local authorities decided not to press charges against Mr. Houck, but the FBI decided to go after him under a federal law that prohibits violent or threatening actions intended to interfere with someone seeking abortions.
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Nancy Valko is a registered nurse, legal consultant and a spokesperson for the National Association of Pro-Life Nurses. Monte Larrick had the opportunity to speak with her at a Lake County Right To Life forum, where she keynoted and spoke on the dangers of saying nothing when it comes to medically assisted suicide.
This week’s exhibit A in the academy’s rush toward insanity comes from Cornell University, where the school’s thought police have just declared the word “illegal” verboten if the discussion has to do with those entering our country unlawfully. Welcome to the crazy land of the ivory tower, where definitions no longer matter and words like “illegal” can now be declared illegal.
The first thing the communists did after the 1917 Russian Revolution was round up anyone who disagreed with them. They shut down newspapers and denied all public forums to dissenters. This included their “useful idiot” socialist allies. We think it can’t happen here, but some recent moves to stifle free speech and enforce official viewpoints should give us pause.
When was the last time you saw Republicans leading Democrats in any opinion poll on education? Likely never in this generation, not unlike their dismal polling on health care. Education and health care are probably the two most impactful issues on human life, liberty, culture, and economy, yet Republicans have ceded them to the left forever. They tepidly play their “me too” game of acceding to the same socialist policies, merely with less enthusiasm and slightly less funding, rather than offering a new vision altogether. This is where Ron DeSantis has upended the paradigm.
Big news: The U.S. Supreme Court announced it will hear our case involving former postal worker Gerald Groff, who was wrongly forced out of his job because of his religious beliefs.
In this edition of Spotlight, IFI’s David Smith and Public School Exit’s Ceasar Leflore converse with the one and only Juan Elias-Riesco, former owner of the famous Nini’s Deli (which you can learn about through the documentary Paint the Wall Black) and a blazing torch for the kingdom of Christ.
Approximately 2,000 years ago, St. Paul warned first-century Christians of the dangers of lying. In fact, he admonished the church in Rome that the consequences of deceit can be deadly.

“Those who suppress the truth,” he said, “become futile in their thinking” and are “given over to a debased mind.” As a result, they are filled with “all manner of evil” such as “envy, strife, arrogance … and murder.” Paul then lowered the hammer on his argument: When people lie, people die. “The wages of sin” are unavoidable, he shouted, and first and foremost among those wages is “death.”
Some things are hard to give up... Take the extra-constitutional powers governments have exerted because of COVID-19. Officials in otherwise self-governing republics got a zesty taste of what it would be like to operate under an authoritarian regime.
Freedom inherently involves risks. If you want your children to roam free at the local playground, they might injure themselves on the big slide. If you want the freedom to watch baseball, someone might get hit in the head by a stray line drive. All decisions about restricting freedom thus require a cost/benefit analysis that weighs the benefits of freedom against the potential risks.
Generation Citizen, an educational organization funded by the likes of the Bezos Family Foundation, the Soros Foundation and the George Kaiser Family Foundation, just issued its annual report. And what, pray tell, do these billionaires have in store for us, you ask? Well, in addition to promoting “action civics,” aka a neo-Marxist curriculum focused on teaching “over 1 million students” the wonders of victimization rather than virtue, these smart folks are now calling on the nation to lower the federal voting age to 16.