Someone please tell me what bizarro world Democratic activists inhabit — those who are grumbling that Republicans are unscrupulous partisan warriors imposing their agenda by government coercion and trampling the innocent, passive left in the process. This is frighteningly delusional and shockingly divorced from reality.
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Politico had a nice summary of all the things the Democrats are promising to do if elected. It was the usual mix of authoritarian-socialism.
The November 6th mid-term election is just around the corner! Prior to going to the polls, make sure that you know where your candidates stand on the taxpayer funding of abortion, transgender birth certificates, marijuana legalization, and religious freedom by reviewing the Illinois Family Institute's Voter Guide.
Imagine a new narrative of the Snow White story for our time. The original story was set in the Black Forest. Near the mountains, the Black Forest was Germany’s holiday playground. Imagine a new version set in the hill stations of northern India (my country). The hill stations are near the mighty Himalayas, India’s holiday playground.
America’s left showed its ugly intolerant face in the Kavanaugh confirmation fight. It’s only bound to get uglier as we approach the National Impeachment Referendum on November 6. When you’re facing ruthless opponents who are in many ways stronger than you, you face a moral dilemma. How much should you “rise above” their blatant and brutal tactics, and hope to win converts and sympathy? Or else, should you see that your very survival’s at stake, and “get down in the mud” and fight? Or should you do a little bit of both? And where do you draw the line?...
Remember the less bad old days when Leftists repeated Hillary Clinton’s disingenuous mantra that she wanted abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare,and I mean rare”? Well, that was then… this is now, and now women shout their abortions, salute abortion, and make romantic comedies about abortion. In the service of advancing the joyous celebration of human slaughter, a spanking new type of abattoir is opening in Skokie, Illinois called Carafem.
This week’s Spotlight podcast focuses on the deception and devastation surrounding legalization of recreational marijuana. Joining Monte Larrick is Dr. Karen Randall, an emergency room physician from Pueblo, CO. Dr. Randall trained in the areas of emergency medicine, pediatrics and family practice. She is well-acquainted with the expected and unexpected challenges that have overwhelmed Colorado since recreational marijuana was legalized almost six years ago and has a word of warning for Illinois residents.
If we are so busy “owning the libs” that we ignore the libs festering within our own ranks to the point where “our party” agrees with 90 percent of what the libs want, isn’t it time we focused on cleaning our own house? The biggest news of the day outside the Kavanaugh cloture vote in the U.S. Senate is that one Republican, Lisa Murkowski from the solid red state of Alaska, voted against him.

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How did we get here? The Kavanaugh U.S. Supreme Court nomination circus didn't happen by accident. The emergence of incredible -- and by "incredible," I mean the literal Merriam-Webster definition of "too extraordinary and improbable to be believed" -- accusers in the 11th hour was no mistake. It is my contention that this grand unearth-and-destroy spectacle was planned, coordinated and facilitated by U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats and their staffers.
With the November election just a month away, this podcast is especially timely! Joining Monte Larrick this week is Anita Bedell, executive director of Illinois Church Action on Alcohol & Addiction Problems. ILCAAAP is committed to preventing problems caused by alcohol, other drugs, and gambling by means of public information and education, as well as legislation.

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