Will County board member Mike Fricilone, a 65-year-old Homer Glen resident who works as a sales manager for a furniture retailer, recently filed his petitions with the Illinois State Board of Elections as a candidate for the 3rd Congressional District. He will face two other Republicans in the March 17th primary election.
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A history professor I once studied under tended to offer weary responses to technical and highly dispensable questions of the sort that arise in weary seminars. To wit: "But what's that got to do with the price of eggs?" Or, more pointedly sometimes, "the price of eggs in Arkansas?"
In this election season, one thing becomes more evident every day: Only one party stands for human life and against abortion...
The Democrats are totally and absolutely a party focused solely on identity politics and a party not at all concerned with the greater, general good of the country.  Their electoral strategy is based on identifying specific groups of voters to whom they can assign victimhood status and then promise a taxpayer-funded government program to alleviate their suffering and correct the wrongs perpetrated against them.
There’s exciting news for Illinois voters concerned for the integrity of elections! A statewide organization, Illinois Conservative Union (ICU), has given notice to the state election authority that it must provide ICU a copy of the state voter rolls, or face a lawsuit.
For Marxists, a lie is as good as truth if it works to advance their cause.  A case in point was a recent article on the front page of The Washington Post’s Sunday Outlook section.  Next to a large, serious portrait, the headline proclaimed: “Barack Obama: Conservative.”  Sure. And Bernie Sanders is a moderate Republican.
Our first Spotlight of December features a portion of a presentation given by Dr. Michelle Cretella at the 2019 Illinois Family Institute Worldview Conference on “Trans” Ideology. Dr. Cretella discusses the differences between true, biological science, which supports pro-life and pro-family propositions, and the anti-science cult of gender ideology, which is preached by mainstream medicine, psychiatry, public and private education systems, and social and mass media.
Earlier this year. Pastor Cory Musgrave (of Geff, Illinois) was asked to give the opening prayer at the Illinois Capitol, days after our state lawmakers approved legislation to radically expand abortion in our state. But Pastor Musgrave did not shrink back amidst a room filled with those who have chosen to call evil good and good evil.
This week, South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who has risen to the top of the heap in early Democratic presidential primary polling in Iowa and New Hampshire, came under serious sustained attack for the first time in his candidacy. Buttigieg's early candidacy gained credibility thanks to the moderation he displayed compared with other Democrats. He quickly lost steam when he tacked to the left. Now Buttigieg has swiveled back toward the center, launching a series of assaults on the radical plans of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and stealing her momentum in the largely white early primary states.

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On this Thanksgiving week edition of Spotlight, Dr. Allan Carlson, senior fellow at the Rockford-based International Organization for the Family, joins Monte Larrick to discuss the natural family as it is ordained in Scripture – faithful and fruitful. Dr. Carlson specifically addresses depopulation, climate change accusations, the natural family’s value to the Church and society, and current attacks that target the traditional family.

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