If you’ve driven anywhere in the last week or so, turned on a tv or radio, or gone to the mailbox, then you are probably well aware that the 2024 election season has officially begun. Campaign signs are on every street corner, political ads are airing on tv, debates are being held, and campaign mailers are hitting mailboxes. Over the last decade, politics have felt increasingly tense, so how should we navigate the election season as Christians?
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In a paroxysm of panic about Americans' rejection of the Biden administration's policies of open borders, rampant crime, runaway inflation and profligate spending on foreign wars, the Left has decided that the real cause of the widespread dissatisfaction and demand for policies that place Americans first is "Christian nationalism."
Illinois Family Action’s board members are pleased to endorse the following candidates for office in the 2024 primary election. Many of these endorsements reflect differences between candidates who hold pro-life and pro-family positions and those who do not.
Scott Phelps is the executive director of A&M Partnership (Abstinence and Marriage Partnership). A&M Partnership was founded in 2004, and, according to Scott Phelps, "A&M Partnership exists to ensure that every teenager in the country has the opportunity to hear a clearly reasoned, positive presentation on the benefits of abstinence until marriage and instruction on preparing for a healthy, future marriage..."
Nothing is worth fighting for if conservatives don’t make the nursing student’s murder our George Floyd moment to stop the invasion on the southern border.
Recent events give new meaning to the term “trumped-up charges.” A Democratic New York State Supreme Court justice, in cahoots with a Democratic state attorney general, has written a new chapter in the book of political lawfare.
This week, the U.S. Supreme Court released an order list taking action on several cases we’ve been watching. Most notably, the Court declined to review Missouri Department of Corrections vs. Finney... In this case, multiple conservative Christians were excluded from a jury in an employment discrimination case brought by a lesbian plaintiff. The plaintiff’s lawyer asked the court to strike the conservative Christians for cause, arguing that they could not be impartial due to their religious beliefs. The judge disagreed that they could not be impartial but struck the jurors anyway “to err on the side of caution.”
This episode of Illinois Family Spotlight features Dr. Karl Benzio. Dr. Benzio is a Christian Psychiatrist, serves with the AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors), and is the co-founder of Honey Lake Clinic, a board certified Christian mental health treatment facility located in Greenville, Florida. In this interview, Dr. Benzio focuses on the process of decision-making.
One of the grandest fictions of our leftist media is that somehow, championing "social change" is what makes you a "bona fide news organization." Anyone who resists that siren song isn't a professional, but a propagandist. One-sided coverage is great — if you've picked the right side.
In 2013, author John S. Dickerson wrote about the troubling condition of the American church in his book “The Great Evangelical Recession: 6 Factors That Will Crash the American Church and How to Prepare.”

Mr. Dickerson‘s key premise was that Christian orthodoxy in the United States is in rapid decline. The evidence he presented to support what, at first glance, seems to be a terminal diagnosis is multifaceted.
If there were any doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic exposed widespread corruption in America’s health care establishment, a federal lawsuit should put it to rest.

Filed by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana, Murthy v. Missouri accuses the Biden administration of censoring medical views it dislikes.