Why do so many women, a majority of them, support Joe Biden? Is it because of his abortion stance? There was a surge of support for him in 2022 after the Dobbs ruling. Is that the reason? Are women so committed to the “my body, my choice” mantra of the left that they can’t see beyond this issue?
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Forever earnest Brian Stelter tweeted out his late-night appearance on CNN with Abby Phillip.
Government-run schools keep failing. It shouldn't surprise us. Monopolies rarely serve customers well. People call them "public schools," but "government-run" is more accurate. After all, charter schools are available to the public. Privately run supermarkets are open to the public for more hours than "public" schools are.
In this episode of Spotlight, David Smith and Richard Hartian continue their discussion on fatherhood with Kent Evans. Kent Evans is the co-founder of the ministry, Manhood Journey and is the author of Bring Your Hammer.
On March 20, 1854, at a schoolhouse in Ripon, Wisconsin, the Republican Party was established to stop the expansion of slavery into western territories. Six years later, Abraham Lincoln was elected as the first Republican president. After Lincoln, 18 other Republicans have been elected as President of the United States.
The Southern Poverty Law Center, which has a history of flagging its political opponents as "hateful" or “extremists,” claims to be an organization whose purpose is to combat discrimination. They report such groups to the FBI and is often cited by the left-wing legacy media. Academics and others rely upon SPLC’s listings, which they in turn use to ostracize such groups.
As we've encountered countless stories about college students aligning with the butchery of Hamas, did you think you were witnessing something blatantly wrong? How about the non-stop celebration of LGBTQIA+ “pride” and our denial of biology, our denial of science, and our denial of self-restraint? Have you experienced a sense of bewilderment, that something was terribly wrong?
When the elected Democrat district attorney of Manhattan and his 12 (likely Democrat) Manhattan jurors convicted Donald Trump on artificially inflated felony counts of business accounting, you could count on leftist journalists to try to make it the Most Historic Event Ever.
If we continue to stand for nothing and do nothing to underscore Biden’s unpopular policies, voters will remain exactly where they are — and Republicans will lose yet again.
Kent Evans is the executive director and co-founder of Manhood Journey, a ministry that aids fathers in intentionally discipling their children. Fatherlessness is on the rise in homes across the nation, and the effects of fatherlessness are very real.
It’s June, and for the next 30 days, we will be inundated with our country’s monthlong celebration of pride.