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As Progressives Move Left, They Must Replace the American Electorate

Written by Robert Knight

The progressive game plan to re-acquire power in Washington and make it permanent has been shockingly obvious for some time:

Import millions of illegal immigrants, hook them on government aid, and turn them into voters – legally or illegally.

Two Democrats running for Congress in Texas have come out for decriminalizing illegal immigration, along with Beta O’Rourke, who is running for Ted Cruz’s U.S. Senate seat.  Virtually all Democrat office holders oppose voter ID laws.… Continue Reading

Government Giveaways


Written by David E. Smith

President Barack Obama recently announced a proposal to make two years of community college “free” for all “responsible students.”  According to various news reports, this government program would cost $60 billion.  It is hard to believe that the Republican controlled Congress would approve adding a new costly federal program when many of them are looking to make significant budget cuts.

It is hard to understand why the dominant media refuses to expose political lies of “free” government programs.… Continue Reading