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The Illinois Family Spotlight podcast will highlight a specific cultural or political issue of which our listeners should be aware. Our discussions will be informed by a biblical worldview that will help expose the lies and distortions promulgated within secular culture. We will be interviewing policy experts and scholars whose knowledge and insights will help listeners form a wiser worldview.


Felicity Joy Solomon for Springfield! (Illinois Family Spotlight #305)

Felicity Joy Solomon is not your run of the mill conservative. She sits down with IFI’s David Smith and Monte Larrick to discuss why she is running for Illinois Senate, and why you should support her. Find out more about her here.

Illinois Family Spotlight
Illinois Family Spotlight
Felicity Joy Solomon for Springfield! (Illinois Family Spotlight #305)
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The Ripple Effect of Life (Illinois Family Spotlight #304)

Ryan Bomberger has a rather unique perspective of the innate nature of Purpose. His biological mother was raped yet courageously gave him a chance to live and the beautiful gift of adoption. He was adopted at 6 weeks of age and grew up in a loving, multi-“racial” Christian family of 15. Bomberger and his wife are the founders of the Radiance Foundation.

He recently spoke at the Pro-Life Pro-Family Coalition Conference in Orland Park, and this episode of Spotlight features his remarks regarding his story, pregnancy care centers, and much more.… Continue Reading

BONUS: A Prayer for Illinois

Today is national day of prayer. In 1 Timothy, the apostle Paul says that “supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings (should) be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.”Continue Reading

The Lecture of the Four by Dr. Piper (Illinois Family Spotlight #303)

“Falsehood is false, even if everyone believes it, and truth is true even if no one believes it. Truth is true and that’s just the end of it.” ~Os Guinness

During this edition of Spotlight, a timely message from Dr. Everett Piper about truth. Dr. Piper is a columnist for the Washington Times and is a Christian broadcaster. Dr. Piper talks about: the primacy of Jesus Christ, the priority of Scripture, the pursuit of truth and the practice of wisdom.… Continue Reading

This is Self Evident (Ep. 1)

Hail and well met! Welcome to the inaugural episode of Self Evident!

Hosts Jenna, Eliana and Kenna introduce themselves and why they decided to begin a podcast together. They–by discussing and dismantling subjects prevalent in the Western culture–want to make truth self evident again. Their goal is to to make current cultural events and worldview issues relatable to generation z, and point all those listening to the Gospel and what the Bible says.

Eliana’s website

Kenna’s blog: Good Clean Reads

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Jed Davis for the 75th (Illinois Family Spotlight #302)

David Smith and Monte Larrick discuss abortion, education and why there is a desperate need for actual leadership in Springfield with state candidate Jed Davis.



Illinois Family Spotlight
Illinois Family Spotlight
Jed Davis for the 75th (Illinois Family Spotlight #302)
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Your Family and God’s Plan for the World (Illinois Family Spotlight #301)

Every parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle – anyone who loves and cares for the children in their family or sphere of influence – will want to listen to the second half of Dr. Rob Rienow’s presentation from IFI’s 2022 Worldview Conference! In his address entitled The Church, The Family, and The Kingdom of God, Dr. Rienow states that, while the church is doing a good job of investing in the next generation of Christ followers, the family is neglecting to hold up their end in their partnership with the church to reach the world.… Continue Reading

The Content of Character Series (Illinois Family Spotlight #300)

Recorded at the National Religious Broadcasters convention, Pastor Stephan Broden of Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church spoke with IFI’s resident chaplain, Ceasar Leflore, upon a range of subjects affecting the body of Christ in this day and age. The two also discussed the importance of the gospel message, the devastation of abortion, and what is going on inside the church.

Pastor Broden is the executive director of Content of Character Series and ministers to the people in Dallas, Texas.… Continue Reading

Reclaiming the Sufficiency of Scripture (Illinois Family Spotlight #299)

This edition of Spotlight we feature a empowering lecture from IFI’s recent worldview conference, from our good friend over at Visionary Family Ministries, Dr. Rob Reinow. Reinow begins his oration with an amusing anecdote of how awful the reality of the blind leading the blind really is, and how it seems that many churches today are doing just that with their congregations. The reason is because we’re slipping up on a essential part of our faith, which is not believing the Scriptures are enough.… Continue Reading

What a Faithful Church Body Looks Like: A Conversation with Rev. Mark Moore (Illinois Family Spotlight #298))

As a pastor, what can you do to keep the children of your congregation from being tainted by the humanism of government schools? Start your own K-12 school. Taking it one step further, what can you do to ward off the indoctrination of very young children before it ever has a chance to take root? Start an open enrollment preschool. Our guest this week on Spotlight, Rev. Mark Moore of Belmont Bible Church in Downers Grove, is in the process of realizing both of these goals.… Continue Reading