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The Illinois Family Spotlight podcast will highlight a specific cultural or political issue of which our listeners should be aware. Our discussions will be informed by a biblical worldview that will help expose the lies and distortions promulgated within secular culture. We will be interviewing policy experts and scholars whose knowledge and insights will help listeners form a wiser worldview.


“People, Please Do Not Vote Yourselves A Tax Increase” (Illinois Family Spotlight #221)

If you want to get up to date on Illinois politics and the upcoming election, listen to this spotlight. This podcast came from a Zoom webinar featuring IFA endorsed candidates for U.S. House, Jim Oberweis, and Illinois Senate, Jeanette Ward, in addition to our usual cohosts, David Smith and Monte Larrick. They talked about a host of issues: from the handling of COVID-19 by Illinois and federal governments, to education choice, to abortion, to taxes and so on.… Continue Reading

PODCAST: Facebook Censors IFA Post and Illinois Politician Exploits It for Fundraising

Written by Laurie Higgins

The Facebook Overlords are in overdrive—with a little help from their leftist friends.

Thursday morning, I awoke to a notification from the Facebook Overlords that they had removed a post from Illinois Family Action’s Facebook page that was posted way back on February 20, 2020. Shortly thereafter, I was alerted to a video made by a candidate running for the Illinois House in the 90th District who was the subject of my post and who is using it to raise campaign money.… Continue Reading

PODCAST: Social and Bureaucratic Violence Against Children and Conservatives

Written by Laurie Higgins

The meme featured above has been circulating on social media, passing as wisdom in the dystopian Upside Down in which “progressives” live and move and have their being. How is violence defined by those who are sharing this meme? Are they using it in the sense of bodily acts of violence or in the sense of “the abusive or unjust exercise of power”?… Continue Reading

“Pushing for Generational Change” (Illinois Family Spotlight #220)

Our election themed podcasts continue with Tom McCullagh, a GOP candidate for the Illinois 49th senate district and a candidate endorsed by Illinois Family Action. McCullagh is one of those highly qualified men running to represent his district against the radical regression Leftists are pushing on Illinois. He joins Monte Larrick and David Smith to discuss the 2020 election and how important it is to the future of neighborhoods, the nation, and all the spheres in between.… Continue Reading

PODCAST: The Illegitimate Biased Press Campaigns for Biden

Written by Laurie Higgins

We face an election of monumental consequence with a president with communication challenges, a public that gets caught up in the minutiae of spun “narratives,” and a poisonous press that long ago abandoned the legitimizing tasks of the Fourth Estate to join the Fifth column. As the Fifth Column continues its relentless efforts at a soft coup of a duly elected president via character assassination and other assorted machinations, it seems some historical perspective is in order.… Continue Reading

“Only God Can Fix It” (Illinois Family Spotlight #219)

In case you haven’t noticed, life is hectic right now, especially in politics. Nearly every person is spinning theories about repairing our political system or gloating over the president’s illness, or how one party is the unique savior of the republic. Reverend Franklin Graham disagrees and instead posits that only Christ and Him crucified can repair human lives, thus the culture, and thus human politics.… Continue Reading

PODCAST: “Trans” Cultism IS an Election Issue

Written by Laurie Higgins

In 2018, in a video series titled “Conception,” and posted on YouTube, the New York Times profiled “Gabrielle” Darone, a man who pretends to be a woman and who, with his wife, has fathered two children. Two years after the New York Times’ sympathetic portrayal of Darone’s envy of his wife’s pregnancy and his claims that he is a much better parent now that he pretends to be a mother, Darone is about to be divorced.… Continue Reading

“Let’s Do 40 Days for Life: FAQs”(Illinois Family Spotlight #218)

Ever wondered how you can get involved in the pro-life movement, how you can help save babies and their mothers? 40 Days for Life is your answer. Listen to this podcast for a primer on participating in one of the easiest forms of life activism out there. Monte Larrick interviewed Catherine Walker, the leader of the 40 Days for Life vigil in Aurora and post-abortive woman, to get insider information on joining a vigil and getting answers to frequently asked questions.… Continue Reading

PODCAST: Trump Nominates Amy Coney Barrett Over Howls of Rage from RBG Worshippers

But, not even RBG’s waning strength or death can magically transform her fervent wish into political reality. Her dictated wish/statement is no more constitutionally or politically relevant than would be the dying wishes of any other Supreme Court Justice. America does not owe RBG the fulfillment of her fervent wish, and saying that is not disrespectful.

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Continue Reading

PODCAST: Trump Squeezing the Lifeblood Out of the Money-Suckers Using Taxpayer Money to Promote Critical Race Theory

Written by Laurie Higgins

On June 29, 2020, Karen Attiah, the black, 34-year-old Global Opinions editor for Jeff Bezos’ liberal rag the Washington Post and Fulbright scholar who received her bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University and master’s degree from Columbia University, tweeted this:

The lies and tears of White women hath wrought:

-The 1921 Tulsa Massacre

-Murder of Emmet Till

-Exclusion of Black women from feminist movements

-53% of white women voting for Trump.Continue Reading