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The Illinois Family Spotlight podcast will highlight a specific cultural or political issue of which our listeners should be aware. Our discussions will be informed by a biblical worldview that will help expose the lies and distortions promulgated within secular culture. We will be interviewing policy experts and scholars whose knowledge and insights will help listeners form a wiser worldview.


“Passing The Buck: The Demand for Principled Lesser Magistrates” (Illinois Family Spotlight #235)

Where do we go from here? Our state is currently suffocating under the weight of massive debt and failed Democratic policies. Yet, former state representative Jeanne Ives says there is hope for Illinois conservatives. She suggests the Republican Party focus on promoting truth, electing conservatives to local governing bodies and boards, and insisting on competency from candidates and government – some TLC, if you will.… Continue Reading

“Pray and Work: A Tribute to A Christian Warrior” (Illinois Family Spotlight #234)

A hero on the front lines of the abortion war has passed on. Joseph Scheidler, the founder and national director of the Pro-Life Action League, has died at the age of 93. Mr. Scheidler’s impact on the battle for the life of unborn generations is incalculable. Besides his personal influence on pastors and other leaders, Mr. Scheidler was a street warrior, a relentlessly active presence at hundreds of protests and demonstrations at Chicago area abortion mills.… Continue Reading

PODCAST: Democrats Leap Into the Abyss of Hypocrisy

Just when you thought Leftists couldn’t be more cynical, hypocritical, dishonest, tyrannical, cruel, and nasty, they step up to prove you wrong. If Democrats, by whatever janky standards they’ve made up, think Republicans have gone “low,” Democrats dive headlong into the abyss.

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Illinois Family Spotlight
PODCAST: Democrats Leap Into the Abyss of Hypocrisy
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“When Reason Isn’t the Reason” (Illinois Family Spotlight #233)

What a time to be alive. Are you ready for it? More specifically, are you prepared to give an answer for the hope that is in you (1 Peter 3:15)? This podcast might be a good to reinforce your existing apologetic or to begin it. This edition of spotlight features one of the sessions from IFI’s 2017 Worldview Conference with Dr.… Continue Reading

PODCAST: Who and What Caused the Capitol Assault

Yesterday the growing schism in America opened wider when a mob—allegedly Trump supporters—from the mostly peaceful assembly of Americans critical of an election rife with “irregularities,” broke into the U.S. Capitol. As of this writing, some are asking whether the mobsters who broke windows and scaled walls at the Capitol may have been members of Antifa wearing MAGA hats in order to cause the explosion of rage at Trump that ensued and to stop Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley from making their case regarding the unconstitutionality of the election processes in Pennsylvania and Georgia.… Continue Reading

“We’ve Been Here Before” (Illinois Family Spotlight #232)

Dr. Allan Carlson, with the World Congress of Families, joins this first edition of spotlight in the new year. He talked with Monte Larrick about the state of the family in America, and across the globe. He posits, for example, that Russia is a more pro-family nation than America currently is; and that we can turn the perception of the family around and redirect it to God’s design.… Continue Reading

BONUS: “But, Who Are You?”

Written by David E. Smith

Recently, I gave a Sunday morning exhortation at my church and since we captured the audio, I thought we could post it as a special addition for those who may be interested.

In this 26 minute exhortation, we examine Acts 19 and Matthew 7.

In Acts 19, we find a demon posses man asking some Jewish exorcists, saying “I recognize Jesus, and I know of Paul, but who are you?Continue Reading

“Like Arrows In the Hand of a Warrior” (Illinois Family Spotlight #231)

Written by Monte Larrick

Finally, 2020, the year many have proclaimed the Worst. Year. Ever, nears the finish line. Joining us for the last podcast of this extraordinary year is Ben Smith, the producer of Spotlight. Ben is a 20-year-old college sophomore, part-time employee of IFI and IFA, and the son of Executive Director, David Smith. Follow Ben on Twitter @realbs19.… Continue Reading

“Fear Not: God is With Us” (Illinois Family Spotlight #230)

It is the most wonderful time of the year. Though this year has been unique, remembering the events of the Incarnation of God as a Man is a foundational, mind-blowing truth for all Christians. This edition of spotlight features a 2018 interview with Tom Brejcha (from the Thomas More Society) about the importance of Christmas, the nativity scene that was displayed in the rotunda of the Illinois capitol building, and the important upcoming legislative issues in Congress and the Illinois legislature.… Continue Reading

“The Only Person the Pro-Life Movement Needs is Jesus Christ” (Illinois Family Spotlight #229)

Ann Scheidler has a better grasp on the religious nature of the pro-life movement than most activists and supporters. Currently serving as vice president of Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League, Ann knows that embracing the gospel of Jesus Christ, Him crucified and resurrected, is the only way we will see an end to abortion. On this edition of Spotlight, she and Monte Larrick discuss the future of the Hyde Amendment and the significant challenges facing the pro-life movement, especially as the radically pro-abortion Biden-Harris administration prepares to take office.… Continue Reading