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Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

In this episode of Spotlight, Monte Larrick and David Smith sit down with Dr. Mark Zumhagen, MD, to discuss the resurgence of COVID-19.

Dr. Zumhagen has been practicing family medicine since 1986. In 2009, he opened his private, holistic practice in Orland Park called Fearfully and Wonderfully Made with the mission of re-activating “the body’s own healing ability that God put in there.”

In this episode, Dr. Zumhagen discusses the banning of Ivermectin, the outlawed use of Hydroxychloroquine, the emergency use of the vaccine, and the side effects of this experimental vaccine.… Continue Reading

Record Debt and Inflation From the ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’

Written by Daniel Horowitz

In the words of sudden country music sensation Oliver Anthony, “You weren’t born to just pay bills and die.” Yet unless we stop the debt-driven inflation and the Federal Reserve scam used to perpetuate it, we won’t even be able to pay all the bills we work our entire lives to afford.

Inflation is back with a vengeance, despite the quickest rise in interest rates ever and despite the choking off of the M2 money supply.

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The Left’s “Scientific Consensus” Scam Is Tiresome And Destructive

Written by Peter Heck

Though I don’t think it’s a particularly wise or self-aware accusation for them to make, the progressive left continues to make political hay out of smearing conservatives as “anti-science.” Most people who are not fervent congregants of the church of progressivism, and who have been conscious over the last several years, probably can’t help but roll their eyes at the insult.

After all, this is a movement that denies the humanity of human babies in the womb.… Continue Reading

GOP Governors Must Repel The Invasion

Written by Daniel Horowitz

It’s unparalleled in human history. No other sovereign nation has ever voluntarily invited millions upon millions of invaders, primarily young men, to line up at the border and march into the country. With over 140,000 estimated illegal aliens just in the past two weeks (which would be an annual flow of 3.7 million) – even before the official rescission of Title 42 on Thursday – we are out of time to stop this invasion through traditional means.… Continue Reading

SPOTLIGHT: A Conversation with Allen West

Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

In this special episode of Illinois Family Spotlight, Monte Larrick interviews Lt. Colonel Allen West at the 2023 Black Conservative Summit. Allen West is the executive director of the American Constitutional Rights Union, is a constitutional conservative, former member of Congress, and combat veteran.

In this interview, Colonel West speaks on the issues of military competence, international security, border control, and a plethora of domestic issues. West capitalizes on the issue of corruption in the federal government and states,

We have to get back to constitutional governance, which means that laws are made by a legislative branch.

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Congressman Chip Roy Introduces Game-Changing Medical Freedom Bill

Written by Daniel Horowitz

There is no life or liberty so long as our health care is controlled by an artificial government-created cartel. Endless government programs, regulations, subsidies, and market distortions have created a monopoly of health care providers and health care insurers. Government tax policies tether health care to medical insurance and medical insurance to place of employment, while boxing out the patient from being the true consumer. As we saw with COVID, this monopoly is not only a problem with costs, but has deadly consequences, as the government was able to channel tyranny and dangerous protocols through a narrow network of health care administrators, while censoring the few remaining independent practice physicians questioning the narrative.… Continue Reading

We Already Have National Divorce … It’s Just One-Sided

Written by Daniel Horowitz

As family structure declines in America, divorce has skyrocketed. Although divorce is very undesirable, there are times when it’s necessary. At that point, the objective is to forge a separation plan as amicably as possible. After all, divorce is mentioned in the Bible itself. Sure, the wife might still keep the surname and the two divorcing will share custody of the children and inevitably interact with each other regarding both the children and shared assets, but sometimes the most advisable thing to do is to limit the exposure you have in a toxic relationship.… Continue Reading

Integrating Politics and Science—By First Separating Them

Written by Dr. Lucian Gideon Conway III

Freedom inherently involves risks. If you want your children to roam free at the local playground, they might injure themselves on the big slide. If you want the freedom to watch baseball, someone might get hit in the head by a stray line drive. All decisions about restricting freedom thus require a cost/benefit analysis that weighs the benefits of freedom against the potential risks.

In practice, this analysis requires two very different sets of considerations.… Continue Reading

The Lies That Blind American Citizens

Written by Robert Knight

It’s not healthy when citizens automatically discount whatever the government or media tell them.

That’s what happens in totalitarian countries like North Korea, China or Venezuela.

We have this now in America, thanks to a ruling elite who lie ever more boldly. Girls can be boys. Men can be women. The border is secure. Inflation is all in your head. COVID-19 will kill you unless you do exactly what we tell you to do.… Continue Reading

Biden’s Border, Criminal Justice, Health Care, and COVID Policies Responsible for Drug Poisoning Epidemic

Written by Daniel Horowitz

What are the consequences of 235,000 people teeming over our border per month?

Over 107,000 Americans died from drug poisoning, often from counterfeit pills containing fentanyl, funded by the Chinese government and concocted by the Mexican drug cartels. Why is there no clamor to fight the cartels with the same resoluteness with which we are fighting a proxy war halfway around the world?

Earlier this month, the CDC announced that an estimated 107,622 Americans died in 2021 from drug poisoning, up 15 percent from 2020 and more than double the number from just seven years before.

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