Amid the shutdown of all “non-essential” businesses and activities as doctors scramble to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, the slaughter of unborn children at six Planned Parenthood clinics and other abortion mills in Illinois will go on. Apparently killing pre-born babies is considered an “essential” service in the Prairie State.
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Start learning the deep details of the science and economics instead of letting extremists dictate what you’re allowed to think or say.
There is a fundamental flaw in the policies that the Democratic Party promotes. It boils down to whether the government is the solution to our problems ... or whether the free market can provide various solutions to our problems.
It has become nearly impossible to take the New York Times seriously. Even those who appreciate the Times regularly quote it not because of its accuracy or insight, but because it’s taking a caustic (and usually careless) swipe at a president that they hate. That’s not a great look for the country’s “newspaper of record.”
“You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste. It’s an opportunity to do things that you would otherwise avoid.” So said former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who was President Obama’s chief of staff and an astute practitioner of smashmouth politics.
At the recent SpeakOut Illinois conference, Monte Larrick had the opportunity to connect with Illinois State Senator Dan McConchie of the 26th district. To begin this edition of Spotlight, Sen. McConchie described his approach to his senatorial responsibilities and gave detailed advice to constituents who want to have productive interactions with their elected officials in Springfield.
The left's reaction to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's rude exchange with a union worker in Michigan is a case study on liberal hypocrisy and propaganda.
Illinois Family Action is today announcing its list of “endorsed” candidates. At the top of the ticket is the Republican primary for U.S. Senate. We are delighted to endorse Mark Curran, a strong supporter of traditional marriage, an advocate for the sanctity of life with no exceptions, and a strong defender of religious liberty.
In a perilous world filled with diseases such as the flu and now the Coronavirus (COVID–19) many are very fearful.  Inner cities and many other communities are simply dangerous places to be – with drug and human trafficking, muggings, murders, physical and sexual abuse, etc.  Where can people go to be safe?
In order to make his policy proposals perfectly clear, presidential candidate Joe Biden has announced, “The Biden Plan to Advance Lgbtq+ Equality in America and Around the World.” He should have titled it, “The Biden Plan to Restrict Religious Freedoms in America and Around the World.” Or, “The Biden Plan to Undo the Freedoms Secured Under President Trump.” The cat is out of the bag.
The most significant threat to First Amendment speech, religious free exercise, and association protections and to parental rights is posed by policy proposals related to the “social issues” that too many candidates for office want to avoid. If the Sixth District flips to red, who is the candidate best equipped in terms of courage and principles to battle AOC and her collaborators?