May 5 marked the bicentennial of Karl Marx, who set the stage with his philosophy for the greatest ideological massacres in history. Or did he? He did, but deniers still remain. “Only a fool could hold Marx responsible for the Gulag,” writes Francis Wheen in “Karl Marx: A Life” (1999). Stalin, Mao and Kim Il Sung, Mr. Wheen insists, created “bastard creeds,” “wrenched out of context” from Marx’s writings.
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Party-line, lock-step, propaganda-swallowing Americans have been with us always. New York Loyalists wanted nothing to do with the Sons of Liberty, and now Deplorables and the Resistance spit at one another.

TAKE ACTION: Please contact your state representative by phone and email and encourage him/her to VOTE NO on the ERA (Bill #SJRCA4). The Capitol switchboard number is (217) 782-2000. Call and asked to be transferred to your his or her office to leave a message with their administrative assistant.… Continue Reading

The dominant force in America and many other Western countries today is fear of the left. This is a result of the fact that the most dynamic religion of the past 100 years has been neither Christianity nor Islam. It has been leftism. Whoever does not recognize this does not understand the contemporary world.
It’s high time for us to finally address the most pressing constitutional crisis of our time. Either we wake up and smell the stench from the bench, or we consign our entire future to a judicial oligarchy that has shredded fundamental rights, turned every word of the Constitution upside-down, granted itself more power than God. The judiciary at the height of its constitutional powers has co-equal abilities to interpret the Constitution in the small area of individual cases and controversies with legitimate standing. But now the courts have taken to themselves the powers of gods over our political and social questions.
Laurie Higgins joins David Smith and Monte Larrick to discuss the Illinois Senate's ratification of the ERA, and they also discuss the LGBTQIA history curriculum legislation currently in consideration in the Illinois General Assembly.
In the last article, I listed several reasons for Illinois conservatives to be encouraged. As someone who has paid close attention to the downward trajectory of our state for over twenty years, the items I listed are not small things. I left off at the nationwide good news that President Donald Trump is changing national politics. His example can be followed here in Illinois, a state where a lot of forgotten men and women live and work.
Folly has two loving aunts in Springfield: Illinois Senator Heather Steans (D-Chicago) of the Steans Family fortune and Illinois Representative Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago) leading the push for legal pot in Illinois.
Many eyes instantly glaze over at the mention of “grassroots” level politics. Conservatives who don’t look to government or the political arena for their sustenance, tend to prefer to leave the fray to others. In Illinois, that is a problem. The fiscal and moral mess of our state doesn’t exactly attract the best and brightest into the arena. Yet our can be flipped if those silent conservatives across the state (and yes, even in Chicago) step up and join the fight.
GOP County…what? Conventions? Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know about them. The tired old guard Illinois Republican Party establishment didn’t want you hear about the conventions. The attendance of rank-and-file platform-supporting Republicans in this state would not have been good for them and they knew it. In fact, in Cook county the convention was run as a closed-door session where the party rules were not followed -- you can read about one example here.
Dave Smith and Monte Larrick recently interviewed Jo McGuire while she was visiting Illinois warning residents about the many consequences of legalizing recreational marijuana. Jo comes from Colorado, where they have had recreational marijuana since 2013.

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