The chickens of the era of moral relativism are coming home to roost in the scandals that have rocked the studios of Hollywood, the green rooms of media moguls, and the cloak rooms of Congress. Are the cases of Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, John Conyers, and Charlie Rose et al any surprise in an era where traditional marriage and fidelity to one spouse of the opposite sex have been under assault and routinely mocked?
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Reformed theologian and author John Piper has tackled a question on whether the Nashville Statement on sexuality is too divisive for society and is driving liberals further away by explaining that biblical truth is always controversial. During a podcast posted on the website Monday, Piper read an email he received about the Nashville Statement which talks about some of the pushback the statement has generated, even among conservative circles.
In the Spotlight this week, Dave Smith once again sits down to talk to Rev. Ceasar LeFlore, the Founder and Executive Director of the Beloved Community Development Coalition and the Midwest Regional Director of the Life Education and Resource Network (LEARN). Pastor LeFlore is working towards a national pro-life prayer network, he is seeking to unite a million prayer intercessors to daily pray for the end of abortion.
When the Illinois Republican Party nominates a radical left-winger who demonstrates an inability to lead, three years into his term Illinois finds itself worse off than when Governor Bruce Rauner took office. The fact that he is able to use his personal wealth to influence Illinois GOP organizations in counties and townships only highlights the worst aspects of politics in Illinois. These payoffs widen the divide within the GOP between establishment types and devoted conservative activists.
We realize that a great many American shoppers will begin shopping for Christmas ... immediately after Thanksgiving. Target is hoping that you won't care that they allow men into women's bathrooms and changing rooms and will do your Christmas shopping with them. AFA knows that you do care. Here are three convincing reasons you shouldn't shop Target this Christmas:

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The latest meeting of the UN to discuss the redistribution of your money because of “climate change” has just concluded. Here’s one headline generated by the event...
On Sunday, the day of the church massacre, cultural commentator David French tweeted, “The amount of anti-Christian hate on Twitter the same day Christians were massacred is stunning and chilling." If ever there was a time when we might have expected sympathy for Christians, or at least restraint in attacking them, the opposite proved true far too many times. Why?
This Thursday, millions of Americans will come together for a strange little holiday we call Thanksgiving. Regretfully, the current climate of American politics means too many celebrations across the country will end in bitter resentment between family members, and a deepened divide in our public discourse. Our commemoration of the 1621 harvest feast between Native Americans and Protestant Separatists is often misconstrued, and seldom understood. Americans themselves remain ignorant to the purpose of the holiday, and it is that failure which helps devolve family gatherings into political bickering.
Last month, Illinois Family Institute teamed up with Restore Our Constitution to host a special event with historian David Barton in Decatur. Mr. Barton is the founder and president of Wall Builders, and an author of a number of best selling books.
I’m minding my own business in a bookstore near the University of Maine’s campus here when I hear two women talking. One of them is trashing Donald Trump as the other sagely nods. Then they start gushing about Barack Obama’s “greatness” and what “a fine president” he was.

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