Over the past several months, while our nation burns and our emperor fiddles, there is one story that has escaped the media’s attention: America’s churches are literally being set on fire. At least 93, to be exact.

Consider this from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops: Between May of 2020 and August of 2021, churches in no less than 28 states have reported incidents involving “arson, statues beheaded, limbs cut, smashed, and painted, gravestones defaced with swastikas and anti-Catholic language and American flags next to them burned.”
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What do you call a government that will mask an asymptomatic 2-year-old American but bring in people without measles and polio vaccines from the most disease-ridden countries in middle of a pandemic?
It's the biggest political hoax since Titus Oates's allegations of a "Popish Plot" to assassinate King Charles II in 1678. Oates's charge of a Jesuit conspiracy swept through London and led to the execution of four innocent men before Oates was proved a fraud.

The full consequences of the great political hoax of our time — the charge that former President Donald Trump was colluding with Russia — are not yet fully apparent.
If you’ve taken five seconds to follow the culture wars currently plaguing our nation, you can’t help but see that the fundamental cornerstones once thought essential to our constitutional republic are no longer understood in our body politic. The essential virtues that once served as the bedrock upon which our nation was built are no longer even recognized in our public square. When it comes to understanding why John Adams once admonished that “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people and is wholly inadequate to the government of any other,” we are truly clueless.  
In this episode of Illinois Family Spotlight, we feature three special guests who join Monte Larrick to discuss the mission and importance of 40 Days for Life. Ricki Giersch, Catharine Walker, and Phil Price explain the mission behind the campaign: save as many pre-born children as possible. With the federal and state push by abortion cheerleaders to codify Roe vs. Wade, we need prayer warriors now, more than ever!
A day doesn't pass without more striking evidence that our ruling elites are not only evil but unhinged.
Sometimes it seems as if the institutions of our seasick culture have embraced the same way of thinking, that is, that every problem is a public-relations problem crying out for a public-relations solution. This obsession with creating appearances instead of addressing realities infects the media, the academy, the entertainment industry, and is currently seen in the hilariously cynical cover-your-backside missives of giant corporations.
As members of the Democratic Party recently doubled down on their calls to pack the U.S. Supreme Court, Justices Stephen Breyer and Amy Coney Barrett issued a series of responses to those pushing to rig the Court for ideological and political gain.

In an interview with Fox News, Justice Breyer warned of the dangers of altering the structure of the Court. When asked about the idea of increasing the number of justices on the bench, he responded...
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his “husband” Chasten recently created a stir by announcing that they had adopted newborns Penelope Rose and Joseph August. In a rather uncomfortable photo-op, the two men are pictured in a hospital bed as if one of them had just given birth, despite the glaringly obvious fact that neither of them ever have or ever will. Not pictured, somewhere, out of frame, Penelope and Joseph have a mother who recently brought them into the world. And they will grow up without her.
This past week, on Labor Day, to be exact, I submitted my routine column to The Washington Times. The topic I chose was frankly quite simple and straightforward; many might rightly suggest it was even boring and mundane. My subject matter was disease immunity, something many of us kind of slept through in our freshman Biology 101 classes.
As a parent, what is your #1 mission in life and what do you need to do to fulfil that mission? On this episode of Spotlight, Monte Larrick and Dr. Rob Reinow, c0founder (with his wife Amy) of Visionary Family Ministries, consider these questions as they examine the distinctives of a visionary family. Monte and Dr. Reinow also discuss how best to pursue a prodigal child, as well as how to relate and interact with a child who professes Christ but espouses a non-Christian worldview of “hollow and deceptive philosophies,” especially those of a scientific, sexual, and/or political nature.