Ann Scheidler has a better grasp on the religious nature of the pro-life movement than most activists and supporters. Currently serving as vice president of Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League, Ann knows that embracing the gospel of Jesus Christ, Him crucified and resurrected, is the only way we will see an end to abortion. On this edition of Spotlight, she and Monte Larrick discuss the future of the Hyde Amendment and the significant challenges facing the pro-life movement, especially as the radically pro-abortion Biden-Harris administration prepares to take office.
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There are certain core attributes to any culture that allow that culture to survive, prosper and live in peace with each another. The natural “glue” of family is one of those attributes. Dissolve that “glue” and the family and a nation fall apart, as we have seen in the bowels of big cities. Democrat policies under “social justice” have driven a wedge into the “glue” of the nuclear family but they either don’t seem to realize it. or don’t care.
In his classic work, “The Book of Virtues,” former U.S. Secretary of Education William J. Bennett recounts the story of a young boy who brought death and ruin upon himself and his community by his lies. We have all heard the tale over and over again in our youth. It goes like this. 
Republicans have been stereotyped for years as the party of “old, rich white men,” which   Democrats have exploited to win over young female voters. The greater number of Democrat women elected to Congress as compared to Republican women was used against Republicans. For example, in the 2018 Primaries, a record 102 women were elected/re-elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, and out of that number, only 13 were Republicans.
Some accuse Trump supporters of manufacturing allegations of voter fraud out of whole cloth and resisting the presidential election results in response to their supposed cult leader's wishes. As usual, President Donald Trump is the villain and his supporters are complicit.
What Americans witnessed on November 3rd didn't just happen. A lot of people don't remember, but the seeds for this election mess were planted way back in 2018 when Democrats won the House. The coronavirus didn't hurt, of course, but the cheat was on long before Joe Biden was nominated. Why does that matter? Because -- the president's attorneys warn -- if Republicans don't keep fighting, the damage to our democracy is here to stay.
Making the Christian case against homosexuality has always been a great challenge in our engagement with the world, going all the way back to Genesis and the account of Sodom and Gomorrah. The biblical opposition to homosexual practice is especially relevant in light of the new ruling by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals regarding "reparative therapy," whereby individuals with homosexual attractions willingly seek out pastoral or professional counseling to help them fight that specific sin. Keynote speaker, Dr. Gagnon, addressed that topic and others at IFI's 2020 Worldview Conference.
Slanted is the third book by Sharyl Attkisson, and as with her other two, it is a refreshing read.  It is nice to know that there are still independent journalists who put fact over opinion, and she is one of those.  To no one's surprise, she talks about the shift in the news, from a focus on reporting the facts to more on trying to push a narrative on the American people.

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Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving, but is this holiday becoming so politically incorrect that one day it will be doomed to be sent down the “memory hole”?

There is a war on American history. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Antifa and other leftwing groups toppled more historical statues. Tyler O’Neil of PJ Media describes the extent of this vandalism, which included the spray-painting of anti-Thanksgiving messages and statues torn down in Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland, and Spokane. Statues that were toppled or defaced included George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and William McKinley.
Republican pollster Patrick Ruffini recently tweeted, “What Republicans need to replace Trump is not a wet blanket. Trump will always be with us until someone steps up who can fight smarter.” Mr. Ruffini then added, “When conservatives don’t fight for ideological first principles like they used to, fighting for nonsense is what fills the void.”

But what are those first principles, and what do they look like? Historian Tom Holland, an atheist, offers the answer: Christianity.