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Abortion Update: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Illinois Family Spotlight #167)

At a recent local 40 Days for Life launch event in Tinley Park, David Smith shares some thoughts from his heart and a legislative update and Jill Stanek talking about where Life is gaining ground and victories, especially through 40 Days for Life.

David Smith is the Executive Director of the Illinois Family Institute and Action among other things.

Jill Stanek is the National Campaign Chair for the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List among other things.… Continue Reading

“That Floor Sounded Like the Pits of Hell” (Illinois Family Spotlight #166)

In Springfield, every representative receives the opportunity to bring a clergy member to the floor of their chamber to open the day’s proceedings with a prayer. Now State Representative Darren Bailey brought a pastor from his district by the name of Corey Musgrave to pray during the open of the day’s session. In this podcast, Bailey describes the reaction to the biblical prayer and the direct (godless) response as they exited the floor afterwards among other topics.… Continue Reading

“Is Polyamory or Pedophilia Next?” (Illinois Family Spotlight #161)

This edition of spotlight features a Laurie Higgins appearance on Jim Schneider’s Voice of Christian Youth (VCY) America program, Crosstalk.

They discuss the present-day radical anti-science sexual revolution heavily promoted by the National Education Association and division 44 at the American Psychological Association, the rising normalization of non-monogamous relationships, the absence of an alternate perspective in public schools, some extremely Leftist business items passed by the NEA at their most recent convention, and a new Leftist term: white fragility.… Continue Reading

“Creating Social Justice Warriors Doesn’t Start in College” (Illinois Family Spotlight #159)

This edition of spotlight features a Laurie Higgins appearance on the Sandy Rios in the Morning show on American Family Radio to discuss rampant radically leftist sexual ideology in public schools. They specifically drilled into the National Education Association’s annual meeting where they affirmed several radical leftist ideas like unrestricted access to abortion, LGBTQ+ inclusive curriculum, white fragility, etc.

They also discuss democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s christian heresy, the normalization of polyamory and pedophilia, and what retirees can and should be doing to advance the Kingdom.… Continue Reading

Presenting IFA’s New Podcast

IL_Family spotlight_516x260

Written by David E. Smith

We are excited to announce a new Illinois Family Action (IFA) feature: podcasting! For those who are unfamiliar, a podcast is simply a digital audio recording that is easily listened to and shared with others through a computer or smart phone. Podcasts are a convenient and popular way to reach, educate, and connect with an audience.

Our podcast, Illinois Family Spotlight, will be a weekly podcast that provides analysis of and commentary on political and cultural events and issues.… Continue Reading

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