How “Pride Culture” Sexualizes Kids to Thunderous Applause

Written by Peter Heck

As another so-called “Pride Month” is coming to an end, I’m left marveling again at how thoroughly the sexual revolution has completely and utterly overrun our culture. The three-century-old poem of Alexander Pope strikes our contemporary conscience with piercing familiarity:

Vice is a monster of so frightful mien,

as to be hated needs but to be seen,

yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,

we first endure, then pity, then embrace.

From Fortune 500 boardrooms to entertainment companies, media conglomerates to both political parties – even to an increasing number of wayward “churches” – the winds of cultural conformity blow relentlessly gay-ward, attempting but failing to cover over a multitude of sinful inconsistency, illogic, and fatuous, moral incongruity.

Out of one side of our mouths, our society prattles on about protecting children. Out of the other side, it celebrates a movement that shatters their innocence, confuses their minds, mutilates their genitals, abuses their consciences, and worse.

This thread isn’t easy to read, but you won’t see this first-hand peek into LGBT culture elsewhere, so please do it here. This is what our depraved society is celebrating and championing this month:

[Warning: Disturbing Content]

Chad Greene’s testimony ended with these haunting words: “I sought comfort and understanding from older men hoping to figure out my feelings. They wanted sex. I traded sex for a moment of affection in the hopes of friendship.”

Devastating. And this is the movement every corner of our God-forsaken culture is celebrating this month? We are a doomed people absent the unmerited mercy of our Holy God.

Because here’s a timeless truth that persists no matter how unpopular, how demonized, how despised and unwelcome it may be in our rebellious generation:

Sexual activity outside of the confines of a monogamous,
man/woman, married relationship is dangerous and always wrong.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. That doesn’t mean it isn’t popular. That doesn’t mean that people who know this truth don’t fail to live up to it. That doesn’t mean it should all be illegal. That doesn’t mean that failure to abide by that truth wrecks a person for life or makes them unredeemable.

It simply means that God knows better than us. He knows what is better for us than we do. He is our Maker, our Designer, and He alone knows best what will damage us spiritually, emotionally, physically, and He wants to protect us from it. We will never be smarter than Him, we will never find ways to escape the natural consequences of violating His natural laws, and the wisest thing we human beings do is give up the pretense of being gods ourselves, and submit to His perfect will for us.

That won’t happen, of course. We have far too much “pride” to permit it.

The only question that remains is the one that overran my thoughts as I struggled through Chad Greene’s thread: How long will God continue to overlook what we’re doing to the most innocent among us? How long will He tolerate and abide the sin of a people who so brazenly call evil good and good evil?

Jesus’s warning about millstones tied around necks would seem to suggest we’re on borrowed time as it is.
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