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The LIABLE Act Would End Pfizer’s and Moderna’s Free Pass

Written by Daniel Horowitz

Should a product that is completely funded, marketed, monopolized, and then mandated by government be less liable than Toyota is for its airbags?

Anyone with a modicum of common sense would understand that the more a product is favored with regulatory shortcuts and other benefits only government can provide, the more the product’s makers should be on the hook for liability if it causes damage. The fact is that the federal government required millions of people — including members of the armed services — to get the jab.… Continue Reading

COVID-19 Government Censorship: How Big Med Operates

Written by Robert Knight

If there were any doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic exposed widespread corruption in America’s health care establishment, a federal lawsuit should put it to rest.

Filed by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana, Murthy v. Missouri accuses the Biden administration of censoring medical views it dislikes.

So, what did the American Medical Association do? The doctors guild lined up with the censors in an amicus brief.

That’s right. It’s their way or the highway, science be damned.… Continue Reading


Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

In this episode of Spotlight, Monte Larrick and David Smith sit down with Dr. Mark Zumhagen, MD, to discuss the resurgence of COVID-19.

Dr. Zumhagen has been practicing family medicine since 1986. In 2009, he opened his private, holistic practice in Orland Park called Fearfully and Wonderfully Made with the mission of re-activating “the body’s own healing ability that God put in there.”

In this episode, Dr. Zumhagen discusses the banning of Ivermectin, the outlawed use of Hydroxychloroquine, the emergency use of the vaccine, and the side effects of this experimental vaccine.… Continue Reading

SPOTLIGHT: Cancel Culture & Keeping Christ First

Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

This episode of Illinois Family Spotlight features remarks made by Kevin Sorbo during IFI’s 2022 Faith, Family & Freedom Banquet.

Kevin Sorbo is an actor, director, author, and is best known for his role in Hercules: The Legendary Journey, Andromeda, and God’s Not Dead, to name a few. He has also become an outspoken and witty conservative pundit with 1.7 million Twitter followers. We recommend that you follow him @ksorbs.… Continue Reading

Congressional GOP Should Not Pass a Defense Authorization Bill Without These 8 Policies

Written by Daniel Horowitz

Will this finally be the week when Republicans take a critical look at our woke and broken military?

For years, as the military deteriorated in terms of its values, leadership, and mission focus, Republicans were solely focused on the top-line spending of how much we unconditionally shovel at the Pentagon and the military-industrial complex. After all, it was supposedly all to “support the troops.” But even when they had the chance to debate and vote on the National Defense Authorization Act, which is supposed to be a policy bill, their main focus was appropriations and not policy changes.… Continue Reading

SPOTLIGHT: A Conversation with Allen West

Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

In this special episode of Illinois Family Spotlight, Monte Larrick interviews Lt. Colonel Allen West at the 2023 Black Conservative Summit. Allen West is the executive director of the American Constitutional Rights Union, is a constitutional conservative, former member of Congress, and combat veteran.

In this interview, Colonel West speaks on the issues of military competence, international security, border control, and a plethora of domestic issues. West capitalizes on the issue of corruption in the federal government and states,

We have to get back to constitutional governance, which means that laws are made by a legislative branch.

Continue Reading

They Were Wrong About Everything, But Will Apologize For Nothing

Written by Peter Heck

Forgiveness isn’t going to be easy. Especially in this culture. Especially at this particular moment in time. Especially with such little remorse for so grievous an offense.

Ironically, I was sitting on an airplane watching a handful of passengers board donning N95 surgical masks when I scrolled across this story:

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COVID-19 ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Turned Out To Be True

Written by Robert Knight

One by one, the myths and lies propagated by the ruling elites about COVID-19 are falling like dominoes.

What was supposed to have been “misinformation” is the real deal.

The “wet market” theory, which never made sense, is turning out to be all wet. Major government agencies — the Department of Energy and the FBI — now say that the virus probably leaked from China’s Wuhan virology lab. It didn’t come from a bat sandwich after all.… Continue Reading

Lab Leak Story: How Elite Scientists Lied and Concealed the Truth

Written by Michael Barone

When the Wall Street Journal reported in a front-page lead story that the Department of Energy had concluded the COVID-19 pandemic resulted from a leak from China’s Wuhan laboratory, you might have argued it was old news. The FBI had already, it turns out, come to the same conclusion and with a higher degree of confidence (moderate) than the Energy Department (low).

Those agencies’ conclusions, moreover, came as a result of a May 21 directive from President Joe Biden to multiple intelligence agencies to review two “equally plausible scenarios” for COVID’s origin, “whether it emerged from human contact with an infected animal” (the zoonotic theory) “or from a laboratory accident” (the lab leak theory).… Continue Reading

It’s Time to Put a Nail in The Coffin of The Mask Religion Once And For All

Written by Daniel Horowitz

God created our faces in his image, but in 2020 the biomedical fascists sought to erase our faces and turn us into faceless AI bots. From rape victims being denied care for not wearing the dirty face diapers to crying children being dragged off planes and teens being handcuffed in school, the masking regime was perhaps the most barbaric, inhumane, and illogical idea ever conceived by government and permeating the so-called private sector.… Continue Reading