SPOTLIGHT: A Conversation with Allen West

Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

In this special episode of Illinois Family Spotlight, Monte Larrick interviews Lt. Colonel Allen West at the 2023 Black Conservative Summit. Allen West is the executive director of the American Constitutional Rights Union, is a constitutional conservative, former member of Congress, and combat veteran.

In this interview, Colonel West speaks on the issues of military competence, international security, border control, and a plethora of domestic issues. West capitalizes on the issue of corruption in the federal government and states,

We have to get back to constitutional governance, which means that laws are made by a legislative branch. We don’t have rules, regulations, mandates, edicts, orders, and decrees. That is how you are ruled over, instead of governed.

West also goes on to speak to the issue of vaccine mandates as it relates to military service. This is an interview you will not want to miss.

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For more information on the American Constitutional Rights Union, click HERE.