Democrats’ Agenda to Divide America Include BLM and Hamas

Written by David E. Smith

The Democratic Party is having a tough time living up to its own foolish rhetoric. Not only are they having problems with their core voters in sanctuary cities like Chicago and New York City, but they are having a devil of a time dealing with leftwing progressives that support Hamas/Palestinian terror against Israel. In the process, they are alienating otherwise reliable Democratic black voters in the former and Jewish voters in the latter.

It seems to me that their intersectional coalition of the oppressed is falling apart. They established and fostered these “victim groups,” hoping they would remain united to tear down the foundational faith, values, and institutions of Western society. Exposing just how far out on the left wing they have gone, Black Lives Matter (BLM), the Democratic Socialists of America, and various members of LGBTQIA+ and progressive college groups rally for Hamas and the eradication of Israel. Working together, they are part of the Democratic machine designed to dismantle the West in the name of the so-called marginalized by tearing down the supposed hierarchy dominated by “privileged” white Christians.

Many in the Black and liberal Jewish communities thought they played a key part in this effort. After all, haven’t they been historically victimized? But were they merely means to an end? How will they respond to this apparent betrayal?

Once again, we highly recommend watching or listening to episode 185 of Verdict with Ted Cruz as Ben Ferguson and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz connect the dots of BLM to Hamas and the anti-Semitic role the dishonest media plays in disseminating lies.