Pro-Life/Pro-Family/Parents Rights in GOP Platform

Written by Paul Caprio

It is our understanding that the RNC is considering a national platform without mentioning pro-life, pro-family, or parents’ rights issues. That would be a major mistake. Here is why:

Pro-Life Catholics and evangelical Christians make up the largest single GOP voting bloc. Many are low frequency GOP voters, if they vote at all. In 2016 and 2020, evangelical Christians voted for President Donald Trump at a rate of 75-78 percent, according to most post-election polls.

There are nearly 100,000 bible-based churches currently in the U.S. Since these churches are 501 (c) (3) institutions, few pastors endorse candidates directly because of the Johnson prohibition. Therefore, to educate, register, and energize their members, most pastors do the following:

1.) Utilize the comparison of the PARTY PLATFORMS to show the differences between candidates on key issues.

2.) Identify young voters and new members and register them to vote, oftentimes right in church.

3.) Distribute 501 (c) (3) voter guides printed by groups like the Family Research Council and Illinois Family Institute.

None of this can be done without a GOP platform which includes a pro-life/pro-family section.

This is what is necessary for President Trump to gain 77 percent of the Christian vote as he has in the past.

It should also be noted that when many Christians retire to states like North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada, their only contact with their new community is their new church, where they learn about voter registration and candidates.

Although inflation/economy, crime, and immigration are the three major issues that play favorably for the GOP this year, there are a smaller number of voters who are energized by the above stated social issues, which play a major role in their election involvement.

We cannot force feed every voter based on these three issues alone.  In 2022, the GOP tried that unsuccessfully with inflation, which at the time was raging at 9 percent. The Democrats, however, took advantage of GOP silence on abortion and thus prevented a “Red Wave” coming ashore.

Counterattack often wins campaigns or serves to neutralize a strong, positive issue. Please note how the Democrats are now attempting to neutralize the three major GOP attack issues… a phony U.S. Senate immigration bill … “crime is decreasing”… “inflation is down and we have full employment.”

The Democrats realize that these counterattacks are having some effect in neutralizing these three very strong GOP issues.

In 2016, then candidate Trump courageously injected the issue of late term abortion into the campaign in the final televised FOX debate. Many in Wisconsin will tell you that his courageous stand was a significant factor in winning the state in the final 10 days of the campaign. I was privileged to create and sponsor the radio ad, amplifying his position on late term abortion, which electrified pro-life and Christian women who had previously been undecided, according to Marquette University polling at the time.

President Trump has created a great theme. The Miracle of Life, which could be used in a pro-life/pro-family platform statement that would appeal to a substantial majority of all voters and could then also be used by GOP Senate and Congressional candidates. It is accurate but simply not enough to say that most abortion legislation will now be determined in the states. The Federal Government has a clear, if limited, role in several of the areas which pertain to issues like abortion.

Take ACTION: Click HERE to email Illinois GOP Officials, including Platform Delegates Laura Pollastrini and Alan Spitz to urge them to uphold the platform plank on the right to life.  Some RNC consultants are also attempting to remove key pro-life members from the committee and – for the first time – conduct the platform meetings in secret. We must stop this!

Politely let them know that the sanctity of life is NOT a peripheral issue, but rather the cornerstone of any moral society. Please insist that they approve a solid pro-life, parents rights, and religious freedom platform plank. Republican National Convention officials are meeting in Milwaukee today and tomorrow in advance of their convention to be held July 15 to 18.