This Political Moment is No Laughing Matter

Written by Calvin Lindstrom

There have been a lot of laughs at President Joseph R. Biden’s expense since his disastrous debate with former President Trump on Thursday, June 28.

Democrats have been in a state of panic since then.

USA Today on June 30 reported the shocking results of a CBS/You Gov National Survey in which 72% of voters –  as well as nearly half of his party – said they do not believe Biden has the mental or cognitive capacity to serve as president.

As much as polls like this might bring us some encouragement, we must remember that other battles are raging. Laughing at President Joe Biden’s debate performance or watching or reveling in how terrible his recent interviews have been will accomplish nothing for the cause of life and liberty.

Pro-Life thought leader, Chris Iversen, sent an important email after the debate that said, in part:

If you support Trump, you are probably on a post-debate high after Biden’s terrible performance. Indeed, nearly all forecasts show Republicans will very likely win the U.S. Senate, likely win the U.S. House, and likely win the White House. That means pro-life executive orders, pro-life judge appointments, minor pro-life provisions in large pieces of legislation, and perhaps enforcing pro-life laws in D.C. There’s a chance the federal Comstock law will be enforced under a Trump administration, but the signals from Trump counsel against it.

However, we are about to experience a wave of losses. Those losses are probably more consequential than any gains we can expect from the election.

The July RNC convention will include a huge fight over the platform where Trump will use his influence to erode, remove, or replace pro-life language. Worst of all, in November the abortion industry will likely win ballot initiatives in about 10 states which will make abortion a right in each of those state’s constitutions. About half of those are pro-life states. Once passed, these ballot measures are very hard to reverse. I won’t sugarcoat it. These ballots are devastating. Pro-lifers in those states are trying to win those battles, but they will almost certainly lose. You can find the details behind all this in the pro-life info section below.

The practical effect of those ballots combined with FDA abortion drug deregulation and black-market abortion drugs is a near Roe v. Wade substitute since access to abortion is not reduced significantly enough to substantially reduce the number of abortions.  However, we know change, for good or ill, can happen fast.  So, we must lean into pro-life activism to save lives, change minds, and promote a pro-life future.

There is much to reflect on here. What’s more, these predictions are already coming true:

1] The RNC Platform (draft) has already been watered down on the subject of life. The 2016 Platform discussed abortion in six places. The new 2024 Platform mentions abortion just one time:

We proudly stand for families and Life. We believe that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States guarantees that no person can be denied Life or Liberty without Due Process, and that the States are, therefore, free to pass Laws protecting those Rights. After 51 years, because of us, that power has been given to the States and to a vote of the People. We will oppose Late Term Abortion, while supporting mothers and policies that advance Prenatal Care, access to Birth Control, and IVF (fertility treatments).

This is a very muddled statement. Certainly, the DNC Platform on abortion is far worse, but this language is not consistently or explicitly pro-life.

2] Far too many conservatives are not focused properly on local and state elections. As much as we may think Donald Trump is a better choice for President, he is not going to save our nation. Many of the key issues we face are local, and this is where Democrats are often far more successful.

Don’t merely laugh at President Biden, thinking his decline means all is well.

Take ACTION: Please click HERE to sign a petition to Republican National Committee Chair Michael Whatley in support of adopting the pro-life minority report that has been submitted to the Platform Committee.

Prayerfully read and respond!

Finally, make sure you check out the excellent analysis that Chris Iversen has presented in this very detailed report.

We must never stop standing for the unborn, as the right to life comes from the Creator.
Governments that seek the Creator’s blessings must protect the rights given by God.
~Tony Perkins~