Government Giveaways


Written by David E. Smith

President Barack Obama recently announced a proposal to make two years of community college “free” for all “responsible students.”  According to various news reports, this government program would cost $60 billion.  It is hard to believe that the Republican controlled Congress would approve adding a new costly federal program when many of them are looking to make significant budget cuts.

It is hard to understand why the dominant media refuses to expose political lies of “free” government programs. “Free” is just slick marketing term to help hide tax and spend addictions.

For voters, these types of proposals reveal how politicians view taxpayers as just unlimited sources of revenue for their agenda. The truth is, far too many public officials continue to expand the size and spending of government but are woefully inconsiderate (and ignorant) about the tax burdens they continually pile on working families.

Bottom line:  Taxpayers cannot afford Obama’s “free” college proposal.