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Red Birds From The Same Nest

Written by Robert Knight

Bernie Sanders may have missed his chance to finally head the Democratic ticket, but he still holds considerable clout, which is why Joe Biden was busy wooing the Vermont socialist’s supporters this past week. “Senator Sanders and I may disagree on tactics,” he said. “But we share a common vision.”

That’s good to keep in mind as the media try to cover up Mr. Biden’s recent leftward lurches and convert him into a “moderate” to seem less scary in November.… Continue Reading

Dems Promise More Goodies and Fewer Freedoms if They Take Power

Written by Ed Straker

Politico had a nice summary of all the things the Democrats are promising to do if elected. It was the usual mix of authoritarian-socialism.

1. Single-payer health care.

Single-payer health care. Isn’t that great? And only one payer! And I suppose that one payer won’t be any of us, right?

In reality, of course, all of us who pay taxes (and none of us who don’t) will end up being the single-payer.

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Minimum Wage Hike Punishes the Deserving – And the Needy

Job searchers

Written by Michael Medved

Democrats campaign on the slogan “America needs a raise!” but their bid to hike the minimum wage would hurt the chances of income growth for the middle class.

Nearly 80 percent of all workers already get more than $10.10 an hour, so a government mandated boost for those earning less, would do nothing for the great majority of workers. With business required to increase payments to new-hires and part-timers—the majority of minimum wagers—it means less money for salary boosts for more experienced, productive workers.… Continue Reading

Tell Us Again How Rauner is a Fiscal Conservative?!?!


Written by

GOP gubernatorial nominee Bruce Rauner says he has no problem with a November ballot measure that will ask Illinois voters whether the state should increase the minimum wage.

“The voters are going to be allowed to make their voices heard on a nonbinding referendum. I’m supportive of that,” he said Tuesday.

Rauner also said he’d support raising the minimum wage under two scenarios: If it were increased nationwide; and/or if it were tied to pro-business reforms in Illinois.… Continue Reading