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The First Fake Media-Induced Mental Illness

Written by Jeffery Ford

Fake mainstream news sources have actually succeeded in broadcasting so much unbridled fear into the United States that weak-kneed left-leaning Americans are coming down with a mental illness that goes by two different names: Trump Anxiety Disorder and Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The symptoms of these conditions include a delusional belief that it’s the end of the world, a disorientation that’s beyond the liberal norm, an unhealthy obsession with following every liberal news channel’s apocalypse of the day, a deep sense of anxiety and dread, and being prone to unhinged hissy fits if anyone dares to besmirch the sterling reputation of either Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama.… Continue Reading

Dr. Carson’s Bad Idea


Written by Bruce Walker

Many conservatives, including me, thought nothing but the best about Dr. Ben Carson‘s run for the White House…until now.  Recently, Dr. Carson has suggested that we need to get rid of the Electoral College because it disregards the “will of the people.”  Underlying this proposal is the idea that pure, national democracy is the best form of government.

Dr. Carson displayed shocking ignorance of American history when he told Fox News: “When the Electoral College was put in place, a lot of people did not know what was going on. … Continue Reading

Has the “Rubio Moment” Given Way to the “Cruz Moment”?


Written by Clint Cline

Not much more than a month ago on the CNBC Republican Debate stage, millions watched Jeb Bush giftwrap for his former protégé the now-legendary “Rubio Moment,” that time when two campaigns heading in opposite directions passed like ships in the political night. Bush’s flaccid single-digit campaign had stagnated. Marco Rubio, following impressive debate showings, had risen above the salt to a top four position, occupying a seat Jeb had reserved for himself near the head of the table.  … Continue Reading

It’s Time to Remove the (!) from Jeb!


Written by Doris O’Brien

Jeb could soon become a burning Bush, flamed-out by poor judgment, inept campaigning, and an unusual display of mean-spiritedness. His self-serving attack on protégé Marco Rubio in the last debate might well be the straw that breaks the back — if not the bank — of the Bush candidacy.

Naturally, the Bush camp is denying all pessimistic prognosticating. And there are plenty of talking heads who still stick to the scenario that Bush could win the GOP nomination.… Continue Reading

Carson’s Right — Islam is Incompatible with the Constitution


Written by Daniel John Sobieski

Speaking on NBC’s “Meet The Press” on Sunday, Dr. Ben Carson was asked if a president’s religious beliefs mattered. He said they did, and, when pressed on the issue, said no Muslim should be President of the United States (insert Obama joke here) and that in fact Islam is in conflict with the U.S. Constitution:

Chuck Todd: Should a president’s faith matter? Should your faith matter to voters?

Ben Carson: Well I guess it depends on what that faith is.

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Ben Carson Won’t be Anybody’s Slave, Won’t Be Shackled by Liberal Blacks, Candidate’s Manager Says


Written by Samuel Smith

The longtime friend and business manager of 2016 presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson has responded to recent criticisms by black journalists, who have attacked Carson’s conservative viewpoints as hurting his reputation, by saying that Carson refuses to be shackled by political correctness.

Armstrong Williams, who is a radio talk show host and a Carson confidant, spoke with Newsmax TV’s J.D. Hayworth earlier this week and was asked why Carson is getting such a “bad reception” from African-Americans in the media.… Continue Reading

Quinnipiac: Walker Leading in Iowa


Jeb drops to 5% in latest Iowa poll.

Written by Michael Warren

A new Quinnipiac poll of likely Iowa Republican presidential caucusgoers finds Wisconsin’s Scott Walker in front of the GOP pack with 21 percent support and a 9-point advantage over his closest primary opponents. That’s down from 25 percent and a 12-point lead in Quinnipiac’s February poll, but Walker remains ahead of his Republican rivals, with senators Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, all huddled together behind the Wisconsin governor.… Continue Reading