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Inflammatory PBS Warns About Trump’s Rhetoric

Written by Tim Graham

PBS isn’t for the “public.” It’s taxpayer-funded content for Democrats.

Last September, when President Joe Biden gave a nasty speech in front of a blood-red backdrop at Independence Hall, proclaiming, “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic,” PBS streamed this harsh rhetoric live with no “explanatory” text on screen for charges the Republicans are authoritarians.

But on June 13, when Trump spoke in New Jersey after being arraigned in Florida, the PBS livestream felt inexorably compelled to insert opinions on screen.… Continue Reading

Ben Carson Won’t be Anybody’s Slave, Won’t Be Shackled by Liberal Blacks, Candidate’s Manager Says


Written by Samuel Smith

The longtime friend and business manager of 2016 presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson has responded to recent criticisms by black journalists, who have attacked Carson’s conservative viewpoints as hurting his reputation, by saying that Carson refuses to be shackled by political correctness.

Armstrong Williams, who is a radio talk show host and a Carson confidant, spoke with Newsmax┬áTV’s J.D. Hayworth earlier this week and was asked why Carson is getting such a “bad reception” from African-Americans in the media.… Continue Reading