CNBC Moderators’ Low Performance Should Be A Lesson To The RNC



By StacyOnTheRight

The CNBC debate is memorable for many reasons, with the complete lack of preparedness of the moderators standing out as unfortunate circumstance number one. At numerous points during the evening, candidates called out the moderators for the low quality of their questions. Becky Quick was obviously biased against the candidates and repeatedly steered the discussion to “Pay Inequality” only to be viciously rebuffed.… Continue Reading

GOP Presidential Candidates on Common Core


Compiled by Lia Annunziata

Some of the concerns with Common Core include the questionable academic quality, non-transparent creation and quick adoption, federal involvement, expansion of student data-mining and the further erosion of state and local control.

As they have learned how Common Core will affect curricula, teaching, and testing, state lawmakers and citizens have strongly objected, causing more than a dozen states to consider withdrawing and others to drop their involvement with federally funded tests.… Continue Reading