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Pro-Life/Pro-Family Forces Issue a “No Confidence” Vote in Bruce Rauner

A News Release from the Illinois Family Action and Family-PAC:

The following Bill of Particulars was unanimously endorsed today by representatives of 20 statewide pro-life and pro-family organizations at a meeting in Chicago.

Bill of Particulars

Whereas the 2016 platforms of both the national and Illinois Republican parties clearly state their opposition to taxpayer-funded abortion.

Whereas the Republican members of the Illinois House and Senate have expressed their united opposition to taxpayer-funded abortion as expressed in House Bill 40.… Continue Reading

“Getting Involved” (Illinois Family Spotlight #002)

Monte Larrick and Dave Smith discuss Governor Bruce Rauner’s recent signing of SB 1564 and note how winnable some political battles are if only more of us stepped into the public square.  After detailing our civic responsibilities and why those duties are placed on citizens’ shoulders, Monte and Dave go over some ways we can impact our communities and our leaders.… Continue Reading

“Welcome to Illinois Family Action” (Illinois Family Spotlight #001)

On the inaugural episode of the Illinois Family Spotlight podcast, Monte Larrick and David Smith discuss how important it is to be involved in the public square and how Illinois Family Institute and Illinois Family Action act to advance pro-family, pro-life, and pro-marriage principles.  In the second half of the podcast, they revisit IFA’s involvement at the Illinois GOP convention in Peoria earlier this year.… Continue Reading