Sanctuary Cities and NGOs: Follow the MONEY! (Part II)

Written by Nancy Hayes

According to a recent report from WBEZ Chicago, there were unprecedented record numbers of illegals apprehended at the southwest border in the last week of December 2023. In fact, it was reported in the last five days of December alone that over 50,000 illegals crossed our southwest border.

One might ask: when did we decide it would be good for the U.S. to become the number one WELFARE COUNTRY in the world? We CANNOT keep funding the system to support more and more illegal immigrants. It’s UNSUSTAINABLE! Unless, of course, you want the United States to become more like Illinois –a state where we have unfunded mandates but keep spending like drunken sailors.

The funding for illegals is becoming more like the state pension system in Illinois, with more debt piled on more debt, and NO accountability. The can just keeps getting “kicked down the road” for future generations to deal with!

In 2019, Tom Homan, former Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under President Trump, warned members of a congressional hearing about the serious threat to our national security caused by the invasion of illegals at our Southern border.

Homan has over 34 years of experience as a Border Patrol agent. He certainly has the experience, background, and wisdom to know what he’s talking about.  He spoke to members of Congress about sanctuary cities “shielding” illegal immigrants, now referred to as “undocumented” citizens by the Biden administration.

These are the same illegals that receive “free” medical care, “free” housing or lodging, and even “free” college education. What more could anyone ask for? (By the way, these “free” items are not free. Who’s kidding who? They are paid for by hardworking Americans like you and me.)

So, why is there such an enormous INVASION at the Southern Border, you ask?

Well, other than offering illegals FREE EVERYTHING — the Biden Administration has canceled Title 42, construction of the border wall, and any real enforcement of immigration laws at the southwest border, as well as turning border agents into immigrant processing agents. Then there’s the reinstatement of the “catch-and-release” program.

Border Patrol agents are now forced to release illegals into our communities rather than transfer them to ICE.

Add to that the “MONEY FACTOR.” A host of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are facilitating lawlessness for the Biden border crisis by applying for and receiving tax dollars to provide processing and transportation services, thereby making possible the migration of aliens or illegal immigrants INTO the INTERIOR of AMERICA! In short, they are making BILLIONS of dollars supporting the invasion of illegals into America.

That’s right! It’s not enough that our southwest border is flooded by illegals that are invading America and we are handing out all these “freebies” as incentives, but as taxpayers, we go above and beyond that for these illegals by providing transportation services to ANYWHERE they want to go in the U.S. Such a deal!

These NGOs not only provide shelter and food, but they also purchase plane, train, and bus tickets for these illegals. A good chunk of those dollars come from – you guessed it – hardworking American taxpayers and legal citizens living in the great U.S. of A.

According to the Heritage Foundation and their investigation called the “Oversight Project,” 30 NGOs in the border states were monitored by tracking cell phones. These tracked cell phones demonstrated that illegals were sent into 431/435 Congressional districts in the U.S.

In addition, out of 3400 “pings” following Catholic Charities, one of the largest NGOs, over the course of 30 days, phones pinged in all but 2 Congressional districts.

Americans are being forced to pay for this massive invasion and the resettlement of illegal immigrants across America!

Of course, NGOs like Catholic Charities will claim they are merely helping a “vulnerable population,” but who are they kidding? They are FINANCIALLY CLEANING UP!

We all know that the Biden administration is not equipped to handle the flood of illegals at the southwest border by themselves. They rely heavily on NGOs to do the work, especially when it comes to transporting, lodging, and counseling these millions of illegals in the U.S.

In return, the Biden Administration pays BILLIONS of dollars to these NGOs. Billions of taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars.

These BILLIONS of dollars have led to and supported this MASS INVASION and the obnoxious amount of misused and unaccounted funds that go to these prominent NGOs.

As mentioned, Catholic Charities in the USA is one of the largest U.S. charities involved in illegal immigration. It received over $1.4 BILLION in grants from our federal government in 2022 to support the migration of illegals.

Another prominent NGO, Lutheran Immigration and Referred Services received $93 million in 2022 in U.S. government grants.

In addition, Church World Services in 2022 received $20.5 million in grant funds and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society received $40.9 million.

Even the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Migration and Refugee Services received 10 Federal grants worth several billion dollars.

We are talking about  BILLIONS of taxpayers’ dollars going to fund illegals both along the border and inside the interior of the U.S.

How can we as legal U.S. citizens and Americans continue to sit idly by and watch this massive invasion of illegals supported by the Biden Administration continue? It’s INSANE!

We CANNOT continue to sit silently by and watch as the LEFT and these NGOs claim the higher moral ground as mass illegal migration continues, and as they continue to profit from this insanity.

This concerns national security, public safety, and economic security threats to America!

As Homan stated, this RESETTLEMENT Program will lead to most people in the U.S. becoming dependent on the government. This will lead to massive changes in our population. This will lead to our culture being watered down and the destruction of common American traditions. It will lead to permanent changes in demographics.

In addition, in June 2023, the Biden Administration opened the first of 100 regional processing centers or “Safe Mobility Offices” in Guatemala. Expect more of these so-called “Safe Mobility Offices” to open in Costa Rica and Colombia in 2024, as well. Yes, you read that correctly. American taxpayers are paying to open centers in OTHER countries for processing illegal immigrants.

Maybe the Biden Administration thinks if they open processing offices OUTSIDE OF THE U.S., illegals won’t overcrowd our southern border and it will look like they solved the illegal immigration problem. What a joke, but it’s not! This is serious money, and it is a SERIOUS problem involving national security!

Biden’s deliberate INACTION has left Gov. Greg Abbott and the state of Texas to fend for themselves. Abbott’s solution is called Operation Lone Star, and it allows the Texas police to do what the Biden Administration won’t do – arrest illegal aliens. Of course, what is the Biden Administration doing in response? It is SUING Texas.

Gov. Abbott did the right thing. In Texas, they passed legislation to mirror federal immigration laws, which Biden refuses to enforce, to reduce illegal immigration and enhance the safety of Texans. Then, Gov. Abbott started sending the illegals to “sanctuary cities” – after all, it was those same cities that received government grants for providing sanctuary to illegal immigrants. It makes sense, doesn’t it, to send illegals where the money went for taking care of them in the first place?

Oh, but this is where the story turns really interesting.

Chicago’s Mayor Johnson, along with other major Democratic city mayors, took federal tax dollars – BILLIONS over the last few years – to provide housing, food, and transportation for illegals. In fact, just last May, Chicago received a $51 million grant for migrant housing. Then in October, Illinois received another $11 million in grants for migrant assistance in the suburbs.

Then in November, Chicago received an additional $160 million grant for “shelter” of immigrants. Previously, Chicago received a $320 million grant for illegal immigration support.

But it seems things changed rather quickly for Chicago Mayor Johnson and those other mayors of sanctuary cities. Especially when Governor Abbott started sending illegals into their municipalities, those same mayors started to throw their hands up and ask the federal government to step in and send more funds! These same mayors, including Chicago City Mayor Johnson, all claimed victim status and cried,

“We need more money!”

Well, it turns out that Chicago Mayor Johnson also recently passed an executive order defining the terms and limitations as to dates, times, and locations for when exactly the illegals can be “received” in Chicago. That’s right!

The order fines bus companies for disobeying “drop-off protocols” for illegal immigrants in Chicago. According to the executive order, ONLY 2 buses can arrive EACH hour at 800 S. Des Plaines in Chicago, between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm, and ONLY Monday through Friday!

So, maybe that’s why we had 355 illegal immigrants recently sent to Rockford, Illinois via a Boeing 777 from San Antonio, Texas, on January 1, 2024, at 1 AM! These same immigrants were then transported to the Chicago landing zone, escorted by the Winnebago County sheriffs.

Happy New Year, ILLINOIS!