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Voters In Multiple States Decide About Life, Drugs, Gambling & Marriage

Posted by NC Family Policy Council

The selection of candidates for local, state, and federal offices were not the only choices confronting voters on Election Day in a number of states across the nation. In fact, voters in 32 states decided over 100 statewide ballot measures on November 3. Below is an overview of some of these voter initiatives and referenda impacting the sanctity of life, drugs, gambling, and marriage & sexuality.

Sanctity of Life:  On the pro-life front, this election was a mix of wins and losses.… Continue Reading

Kamala Harris and the Democrats Have a List

Written by Dr. Everett Piper

This past week I made a mistake. I was careless and retweeted something before I fact-checked it. I shouldn’t have. I was lax, I was lazy and what I posted turned out to be fake news.

Here’s my post.

“And once he’s gone and we have regained our rightful place in the White House, look out if you supported him and endorsed his actions because we’ll be coming for you next.

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Collusion of the Press and Democrats to Interfere with Election Erodes Liberty

Written by Laurie Higgins

The mainstream press successfully colluded with the Democrat Party to interfere with the election by burying the Joe Biden/Communist China corruption story. New polling shows that prior to the election, 36% of Biden voters had not heard that “evidence exists in emails, texts, eyewitness testimony and banking transactions that the FBI has been investigating since last year directly linking Joe Biden to a corrupt financial arrangement between a Chinese company with connections to the Chinese communist party and Hunter Biden’s business … may have personally benefitted Joe Biden financially.”… Continue Reading

What Would a Democrat-Controlled Presidency and Congress Mean for America

Written by Laurie Higgins

Republicans who care about liberty, equality, justice, safety, and economic prosperity must vote for President Donald J. Trump and Republican U.S. Senators. A Democrat-controlled presidency and U.S. Senate would further empower the arrogant, ignorant, divisive, tyrannical cancel culture that has taken root in every major cultural institution in America. Academia, the mainstream press, Big Tech, corporate America, Hollywood, and professional medical and mental health organizations collude to censor the dissemination of ideas leftists don’t like and oppress those who disseminate them.… Continue Reading

Teachers Paid to Walk for Liberal Candidate in Your District

Schools stay closed and students have to endure the struggles that come with e-learning, while the teacher’s union pays the very same teachers your tax dollars are paying. But AFT isn’t paying them to teach, rather to work for a progressive political campaign against a conservative Christian.



Citizens for McCullagh
Thomas McCullagh

October 29, 2020


Tom McCullagh questions ethics of AFT and opponent

Shorewood, IL – On October 28, 2020, State Senate Candidate Thomas McCullagh was presented internal emails from the American Federation of Teachers Union revealing the solicitation of local teachers to walk for Meg Cappel’s campaign.

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Psalm 34:1-3

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“The Big Guy” Biden

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Trump’s Accomplishments: The Case for Four More Years

Written by Kathy Valente

There are many people who do not like the personality of President Donald J. Trump and his unorthodox methods of communicating. Some have even gone so far as to say that they couldn’t vote for him because of his temperament and/or boorishness.

Having concerns about or aversions to President Trump’s style is understandable. You don’t have to like him. When it comes to picking the commander in chief of the United States, we believe that voters should carefully consider President Trump’s record of achievements over the past four years and his goals for a second term.… Continue Reading

Loves Park: JUST SAY NO!

On Monday, November 1st, Loves Park aldermen will vote on allowing recreational marijuana businesses to set up shop. Because of the flood of marijuana revenue into the state coffers as a result of the lockdown, they see an irresistible cash cow.

What they apparently aren’t taking into consideration is the rise in suicides, and drug and alcohol use due to the lockdown policies and an increase in unemployment, business closures and domestic violence. Marijuana is not the answer.Continue Reading

Voter Resources — **SPECIAL LOCAL EDITIONS**

Written by David E. Smith 

Will you help distribute the IFI non-partisan Voter Guides? 

The full 16-page version of the IFI 2020 General Election Voter Guide is available for download HERE. You can order them in bulk to distribute in your church or neighborhood. They include positions on several issues from candidates running for President, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, plus both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly.

Please check out this Presidential voter guide HERE, and then review the stark differences between Party Platforms in our special publication HEREContinue Reading