Loves Park: JUST SAY NO!

On Monday, November 1st, Loves Park aldermen will vote on allowing recreational marijuana businesses to set up shop. Because of the flood of marijuana revenue into the state coffers as a result of the lockdown, they see an irresistible cash cow.

What they apparently aren’t taking into consideration is the rise in suicides, and drug and alcohol use due to the lockdown policies and an increase in unemployment, business closures and domestic violence. Marijuana is not the answer.

The DEA classifies marijuana as a Schedule 1 Drug because it has “a high potential for abuse.”

Don’t be deceived with talk of high tax revenues. There’s a huge down-side. Colorado and Washington were the first states to legalize recreational marijuana. Colorado has tracked the results. Washington, not so much.

Colorado spends approximately $4.50 to mitigate the negative effects of legalization for every dollar in tax revenue. You can access the report published by the Centennial Institute, Colorado Christian University’s think tank.

TAKE ACTION: Print this flier and pass it to like-minded Loves Park residents. Call the mayor and aldermen listed. Urge them to resist Big Marijuana’s empty promises and maintain Loves Park as a community where families can flourish.