SPOTLIGHT: How Regressive Legislation Forms Cultural Norms

Written by Benjamin Smith

In this week’s Spotlight, Pastor Calvin Lindstrom sits down with Dave Smith and Monte Larrick to discuss the distorted message and disastrous impact of the growing weed wave that is flooding the nation and the incestuous relationship between our elected officials (and their family members) and Big Marijuana. They also offer information about the “opt-out” option for counties and detail how you can encourage your local officials to opt-out of retail marijuana establishments in your area.

During the second half of the podcast, the conversation turns to the perils of sending children to government schools, especially in light of the growing power of the LGBTQ community to promote their agenda and affect policy change. Conversely, they enumerate the many benefits of Christian, private school education and homeschooling, and stress the need for churches to establish a Christian school in their area or to strongly encourage and financially support congregants to send their children to an existing Christian school.

Pastor Calvin Lindstrom serves the Church of Christian Liberty and is the principal of Christian Liberty Academy, both in Arlington Heights, IL. He is also a long-time IFA board member.

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