You Can Help Clean Illinois Voter Rolls

This is the first of several articles we will be posting
on citizen involvement to clean the Illinois voter rolls.

Written by Suzanne Rickman

Ever wonder if you’re still registered to vote at a former address? Ever wonder if your name is possibly being used illegally by another to “vote?” Ever wonder how to find out, and remove yourself from the voter rolls at that former address?

Many of us here in Illinois have certainly pondered this possibility, but don’t know what to do, where to go, or who to call.… Continue Reading

Wanted: Good People for School Boards

Written by Kathy Valente and David E. Smith

Have you seen those videos on social media or news programs of moms or dads standing up at a school board meeting, pleading with school officials to put an end to the sexually-explicit materials invading classrooms and libraries? Or parents boldly speaking out in support of fairness in girls’ sports and their daughter’s privacy? And the community members who are alarmed by the racism is being taught through CRT lessons?… Continue Reading

Judges, a Hotline & “Worker’s Rights Amendment”

Written by Kathy Valente

As Election Day approaches, we want to make sure that all of our subscribers, readers and supporters have all the information they need to vote their values in this vitally important election cycle. There’s still time for  YOU  to make a difference by sharing this information within your sphere of influence.

We the people have the opportunity to hold elected officials accountable for their policies, rhetoric and actions. We the people have the opportunity to make significant changes on the state and federal level.… Continue Reading

2022 General Election Resources


The most updated 2022 General Election Voter Guide is HERE. The Spanish version is HERE. You will not find this information anywhere else! NOTE: You will need your U.S. Representative (Congress), State Senate, and State House district numbers to follow the voter guide. Click HERE for candidates and district numbers. If you have misplaced your voter ID card, which has the district numbers, you can also call your county clerk’s office.… Continue Reading

Share These Candidate Comparisons on Social Media

Written by David E. Smith

The voting record and agenda of Illinois Democrats can only be described as far left on the political spectrum. We could justifiably call them extreme. But the deceptive media in Illinois will never identify them honestly because they are collaborators in creating a godless socialist culture.

Below we have posted a number of comparison graphics for candidates running for federal and state legislative seats. We’ve listed them by governor, U.S.… Continue Reading

Judicial Candidate Info! Voter Guides Dwindling!

Written by Kathy Valente

We get many calls during an election cycle for information on judges. In the past, we were able to offer very little other than ratings given by the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago (LAGBAC). This year, we are pleased to report we have more information than in any previous year.

Click HERE to view the judicial candidates endorsement list.

The list includes only candidates where we have something to report.… Continue Reading

Let’s Flip The General Assembly!

Written by Kathy Valente

Below is a sample of what someone in Illinois’ 15th State Senate district recently distributed in her neighborhood – a custom-made half-sheet flier specific to her area. She said that many of the people she spoke with had previously voted for the Democrats IFA highlighted in the flier. She said they were SHOCKED to find out that the state lawmakers they previously supported voted AGAINST common-sense values. So shocked that they declared they would now vote against their incumbent state representative and state senator!… Continue Reading

Governor Race

Click on a meme to download and share on social media.


Continue Reading

Dr. Bill Hauter Earns IFA’s Endorsement!

IFA Staff Reports

The IFA Board was impressed by Dr. Bill Hauter, who spoke with passion and conviction on issues ranging from life, to medical freedom, to school choice. He doesn’t shy away from making his faith in Jesus Christ known.

From his web site:

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.
                                                    2 Timothy 4:7

A Stronger Conservative Voice for Our District

I’m running for the Republican nomination to the 87th District of the Illinois State House.… Continue Reading

Will the Real Richard Irvin Please Stand Up?

Written by Fran Eaton

Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin’s campaign backers’ mantra is “Irvin’s the only one that can beat Pritzker in the General.”

But is Richard Irvin really the only Illinois Republican candidate that can beat the current governor in the upcoming 2022 General Election? And who is this Richard Irvin? Let’s take a closer look.

Interesting Facts About the REAL Richard Irvin

  • Irvin publicly applauded Gov. JB Pritzker for his tyrannical COVID-19 policies
  • Irvin has consistently supported Leftist activist groups such as Planned Parenthood, Gay Pride Parades, and Black Lives Matter – which works hand in hand with radical anarchists such as Antifa
  • Irvin has questionable financial dealings as Aurora mayor with Ken Griffin projects
  • Irvin has made vicious and untruthful campaign attacks on fellow Republicans
  • Irvin has very confusing family values

The Democratic Governors’ Association’s ads are already attacking Irvin’s criminal defense law practice by pointing to sleazy criminals they claim Irvin helped to escape stronger punishment — launching the effort to undermine Irvin’s claims he will fight crime and defend law enforcement.… Continue Reading