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SPOTLIGHT: Taking a Stand: Riley Gaines

Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

In this special episode of Illinois Family Spotlight, Monte Larrick sits down with award-winning swimmer and speaker, Riley Gaines.

Riley Gaines was a member of the University of Kentucky’s NCAA swim team and the 2022 Southeastern Conference Women’s Swimming and Diving Scholar of the Year.

In March of 2022, Riley Gaines, along with her teammates, was forced to share a locker room and swim alongside a biological male, Will Thomas.… Continue Reading

The Hard-Earned Lesson of the Summer: Go Woke, Go Broke

Written by Curtis Ferrin

It’s always been true—pride comes before the fall. This summer, companies proved it like never before. The people spoke, voted with their dollars, and chose family values over corporate America’s virtue signaling. We witnessed companies that went “woke”—from Target to Anheuser-Busch—instantly regretting the backlash they caused and taking backward steps. People are tired of the nonsense, especially when marketing departments promote things like gender ideology that actively targets our children. Let’s review the corporate wokeness we’ve seen in recent months, and what happened next.… Continue Reading

SPOTLIGHT: Religious Liberty in America

Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

This episode of Illinois Family Spotlight features remarks from Ariella Del Turco on the topic of religious liberty in the first half, along with a question and answer segment with Ambassador Sam Brownback during the second half.

Arielle Del Turco is the director of Religious Liberty at the Family Research Council (FRC) and is the co-author of FRC’s “Hostility Against Churches” report.

Sam Brownback is the former governor of Kansas, formerly representing Kansas in the U.S.… Continue Reading

Ignorant Democrats Refuse to Hear About Gender Mutilation

Written by David E. Smith

Apparently, Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives are terrified of their own agenda. Last week, a group of Democrat lawmakers walked out of a committee meeting en masse rather than watch a short video from a liberal “gender transition” surgeon explaining how the procedures are performed on children.

After sitting through seven hours of markup in the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee, it was finally time for U.S. Representative Kat Cammack (R-FL) to voice her opinion about a bill that would subsidize gender transition surgeries for minors as part of a children’s hospital funding bill.… Continue Reading

“Leave The Kids Alone” Must Become a Cross-Cultural Demand of The Sane

Written by Peter Heck

A month or so ago, I wrote about the new acronym I’m pushing: LTKA – Leave the Kids Alone. I’m an LTKA activist, and the number of things that concern those of us who champion this movement continue to grow.

Don’t get me wrong: Christians were warning that this assault on the innocence of young people was always part of the left’s agenda. You don’t champion someone like Alfred Kinsey and not have wicked intent when it comes to young people.… Continue Reading

Congressional GOP Should Not Pass a Defense Authorization Bill Without These 8 Policies

Written by Daniel Horowitz

Will this finally be the week when Republicans take a critical look at our woke and broken military?

For years, as the military deteriorated in terms of its values, leadership, and mission focus, Republicans were solely focused on the top-line spending of how much we unconditionally shovel at the Pentagon and the military-industrial complex. After all, it was supposedly all to “support the troops.” But even when they had the chance to debate and vote on the National Defense Authorization Act, which is supposed to be a policy bill, their main focus was appropriations and not policy changes.… Continue Reading

LGBTQIA+ Pride Degrades Everything It Touches

Written by Brian Wencel

Not too long ago, to be a politician or a member of the government, one needed to follow certain customs and social norms. These unspoken rules weren’t complicated, nor were they overly restrictive. Politicians could joke around now and again, and they could even act casually at times, but they still worked to keep an image of professionalism and respectability.

Evidently, the days of trying to act normal and respectable as a public figure—or, let’s be honest, as a private citizen—are a thing of the past.… Continue Reading

What Does God Say About Pride?

Written by Dr. Everett Piper

On June 10, President Joe Biden took to the national stage to celebrate what he described as “the largest Pride celebration ever held at the White House” “Happy Pride Month,” he shouted.

“Happy Pride Year. Happy Pride life! … God bless you all”

In keeping with our president’s passion for pride and his attendant prayer for God’s blessings, would it not be wise to reflect a bit on what God actually has to say about this newfound “virtue” that the whole nation now spends an entire month celebrating?… Continue Reading

An Open Letter to The Church During Pride Month

Written by Dr. Everett Piper

Pride Month is obviously upon us. From the ubiquitous rainbow flags and public drag celebrations to the quasi-aborted attempts by retailers such as Target to normalize what, just five seconds ago, every average American would have said was absurd, the message is clear: “Join us in celebrating every sexual deviancy known to man, or we will cancel you, shun you, shame you, and punish you, for your intolerable intolerance.”

In the face of such societal deconstruction, how are we to respond?… Continue Reading

Ruling Elites Keep Wrecking Our Country and Corrupting Children Without Consequences

Written by Robert Knight

The growing revolt in America against cultural madness is annoying the ruling elites, but not enough to keep them from continuing to foist their evil agenda brazenly on the rest of us.

The criminalization of political opposition continues apace. The Justice Department actually indicted former President Donald Trump on Thursday over documents stored at his house. But not President Joe Biden for essentially the same offense. Meanwhile, as evidence pours out of congressional investigations about millions of dollars from China, Ukraine and other nations flowing into the Biden family’s 20 different accounts, the elite media yawn.… Continue Reading