“Leave The Kids Alone” Must Become a Cross-Cultural Demand of The Sane

Written by Peter Heck

A month or so ago, I wrote about the new acronym I’m pushing: LTKA – Leave the Kids Alone. I’m an LTKA activist, and the number of things that concern those of us who champion this movement continue to grow.

Don’t get me wrong: Christians were warning that this assault on the innocence of young people was always part of the left’s agenda. You don’t champion someone like Alfred Kinsey and not have wicked intent when it comes to young people.

Like I said, you don’t revere a guy like that, you don’t build a monument and institute at Indiana University, you don’t formulate your entire “queer” ideology off of his philosophies and methodologies, and not have child-endangering tendencies at your core.

And it’s a thorough corruption that we’re talking about.

At this point, everyone paying attention knows about the aggressive push for LGBTetc sex curriculum in elementary schools. Faux family-friendly corporations like the Walt Disney Company even go to bat for exposing children to sexual content in the classroom, willing to do immense damage to their brand for the cause. Viral video accounts like Libs of TikTok have done yeoman’s work in amplifying the perverted aims of more than just a handful of “queer” or “queer-friendly” educators.

But the damage extends well beyond manipulations of the mind. Think of all the politicians aligned on the left who have adopted the Orwellian language of the transgender cult, demanding legislation to safeguard “gender-affirming care” for kids.

To be clear, “gender-affirming care” is a euphemism for sexual mutilation and chemical castration. It is debatable that a grown adult should be considered mentally sound if they seek out such treatment. But to subject a minor to that kind of horror is an abominable form of child abuse that puts the West on par with some of the most primitive, indigenous cultures that mutilated their offspring to appease false gods.

Look at this gut-wrenching testimony about what we’re doing to our kids. Below is a snippet of this doctor’s testimony.

This example of grotesque debauchery is anything but anecdotal. Hiding beneath a veneer of fun entertainment, pride parades occurring around the country regularly see children being willfully exposed to graphic nudity and simulated sex acts.

News reports and video surfaced from the Seattle parade where grown men were naked in front of several kids whose parents had placed them in the front row to observe the spectacle. Newsweek covered some of the outrage:

“I’m all for pride, but this is not that. Why were they not arrested?” William Scott Lowe tweeted. “Like I said, I believe in LGBTQ rights, but being naked in front of kids is a crime.”

“I believe it is called indecent exposure,” Chase Lanford wrote. “It is not an acceptable standard for anyone else, why should it be acceptable for him to do simply because he is homosexual?”

It’s a good question. But Seattle wasn’t the only offending city. Reports and video out of Toronto cited more of the same. And let’s not forget that pride parades were cancelled this year in several areas that banned nudity in front of children, as if the organizers felt the event lost its meaning if showing genitalia to kids was out.

The agenda seems clear, but for those who would doubt the ultimate objective of the LGBTetc movement here, allow them to speak for themselves:


Peter Heck is a writer, speaker, and teacher from Indiana. He is married to Jenny, and is the father of three kids. Peter holds to the infallibility and inerrancy of Scripture in his teaching and writing, and has a passion for biblical literacy and for demonstrating the Bible’s applicability to all of life. 

Peter is the lead opinion writer for “Not the Bee.” His opinions have also been published in the Washington Times, Washington Post, USA Today, and on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. A former radio host, Peter produces a daily podcast and has authored a number of books on Christians and the culture.