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Compromise Isn’t The Great Commission

Written by Peter Heck

It was several years ago that in preparing a speech for an upcoming event, I flipped on the local evening news.

The first story of the night was a double homicide on the city’s northeast side. The second story was that police feared a serial rapist had struck again. The third story involved a string of armed robberies. And then it happened: The anchors turned to the fourth item on their laundry list of bad news, and detailed the removal of the Ten Commandments display at the local courthouse following a legal challenge.… Continue Reading

America’s ‘Other Mother’ Is A Prostitute

Written by Dr. Everett Piper

It’s a commonly accepted adage that if you want to make someone angry, all you need to do is criticize their mom. You can commit a whole host of sins against a friend or foe that will receive little more than a shrug of indifference, but if you suggest their mother is a prostitute, the gloves will come off. This principle holds not only for one’s biological parent but also for that “other mother” that almost all of us have in common: our respective alma maters, otherwise known as our local public schools.… Continue Reading

Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse And The Progressives’ Dark Pedigree

Written by Robert Knight

What do socialists, Marxists, “transhumanists,” Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse, the LGBTQ movement, “woke” academic and corporate leftists, Davos economic elites and the left-wing of the Democratic Party have in common?

They are all invested in a progressive, secular worldview based on the idea that humans evolve toward higher levels of being and just need help getting there.

Implicit is the idea that God is an antiquated superstition, not the benevolent, omniscient creator of the universe.… Continue Reading