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U.S. House Democrats Launch ‘Court Reform Now’ Task Force

Written by Mia Gradick 

As Election Day approaches, the far Left, politicians and some of the most radical groups in America continue their attacks on the U.S. Supreme Court and our judicial system.

U.S. House Democrats recently announced a new “Court Reform Now” task force that will work to advance legislation that would supposedly fix “political activism” at the U.S. Supreme Court.

The representatives say the U.S. Supreme Court has usurped “legislative and executive authority with activist decisions that disregard established precedent in order to achieve political results.”… Continue Reading

Exposing the Radical Effort to Destabilize the Supreme Court

Written by Jorge Gomez

The U.S. Supreme Court is under all-out attack. Recent headlines reveal a concerted effort to manufacture an “ethics” scandal about Justice Clarence Thomas, the Court’s leading conservative and one of the foremost defenders of religious liberty. Justice Neil Gorsuch has also been the target of this smear campaign.

Democrats in Congress, along with their allies in left-wing radical groups and the media, are bringing back calls for radical court “reform.” A constitutionally suspect “judicial ethics” bill was introduced and the U.S.… Continue Reading