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“The Religion of Us” (Illinois Family Spotlight #239)

Successful plans are best built on a foundation of strategic thinking. When it comes to political involvement, Christian apologist Dr. Frank Turek states that Christians ought to focus their efforts on motivating and mobilizing the citizens who share their worldview on the most critical issues of the day. Speaking at the 2017 IFI Worldview Conference, Dr. Turek also poses and answers these key questions: what is the purpose of government; can morality be legislated; how can we counter self-defeating statements; and what’s at stake and what should we do?… Continue Reading

“The Church is the Conscience of the State” (Illinois Family Spotlight #216)

IFI squeezed our 2020 Worldview Conference in Febuary, right before the shutdown began. The conference was held in Barrington, IL and featured Dr. Robert A.J. Gagnon and Dr. Michael L. Brown. This episode of spotlight features Dr. Brown’s lecture from the conference, “The Christians Role in the Public Square”. Dr. Brown walks us through the reasons Christians should be involved in politics and why it is important.

Watch the video from the conference on our YT channel here.… Continue Reading