SPOTLIGHT: A Conversation With Stephanie Trussell

Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

Stephanie Trussell is a mother, grandmother, entrepreneur, board member for the Illinois Family Institute & Good Soil Good Seed Foundation, and former candidate for Illinois Lieutenant Governor. In this special episode of Spotlight, Monte, David and Stephanie revisit the 2022 campaign and the events that led up to it.

They discussed how Illinois Republican voter turnout can be improved. Startlingly, only 45 percent of Republicans turned out to vote. Stephanie implores that conservatives must unite, not tear each other up for small differences in beliefs, and overcome a defeatist attitude when it comes to Illinois elections. Establishment Republicans have said that the reason Darren Bailey and other Republicans lose in Illinois elections is because their beliefs are “too conservative” and moderate positions would win. Stephanie’s view is different:

Showing up to try to be more like them is not going to win elections. As a Christian conservative, I understand Democrats are my enemies, but professional Republicans– they’re out to get me as well. I think instead of playing defense with the life issue, we should have been on offense.

Stephanie Trussell has her own beautiful story, as it relates to the abortion issue and how this impacts the black community. This is an interview you will not want to miss. Listen to Illinois Family Spotlight episode #348 anywhere you find podcasts or click the link below.

You can find Stephanie and her husband’s restaurant, Boss Dawgz, by clicking HERE.

You can donate to the Good Soil Good Seed Foundation by clicking HERE.

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