“Let’s Do 40 Days for Life: FAQs”(Illinois Family Spotlight #218)

Ever wondered how you can get involved in the pro-life movement, how you can help save babies and their mothers? 40 Days for Life is your answer. Listen to this podcast for a primer on participating in one of the easiest forms of life activism out there. Monte Larrick interviewed Catherine Walker, the leader of the 40 Days for Life vigil in Aurora and post-abortive woman, to get insider information on joining a vigil and getting answers to frequently asked questions. They also discussed how churches and pastors must be involved in the battle for life, Catherine Walker’s multiple abortions and her subsequent redemption in Christ, and a whole bunch of stories from the front lines of the Aurora mega-Planned Parenthood.

"Let's Do 40 Days for Life: FAQs"(Illinois Family Spotlight #218)