RINOs and Never-Trumpers Help Leftists Destroy America

Written by Laurie Higgins

In the past year, we saw anarchists savagely beat innocent people in the street; take control of city blocks; incinerate police precincts; burn Bibles; attack churches; loot businesses; tear down federal monuments; deface public property; and parade naked in front of, hurl obscenities at, and even assault police officers.

We saw Democratic mayors and governors command law enforcement to stand down while the lawless destroyed communities and livelihoods.

We saw Democratic governors ban socially distanced corporate worship of God while permitting shoulder-to-shoulder street protests and riots—riots that were praised by Democrats in our neighborhoods, halls of Congress, and press as “mostly peaceful protests.”

We saw ordinary Americans lose their jobs for saying all lives matter or that it’s not good to deny biological sex.

We saw Democrat Michelle Obama tell Americans to stay home, while her husband golfed at a posh private club.

We saw Chicago’s Democrat mayor Lori Lightfoot order citizens not to get haircuts during the pandemic while she got her hair cut. And we saw Lightfoot allow the streets of Chicago to become war zones, while she had personal security—not only to protect her home—but to cordon off her whole block for her safety at public expense.

We saw the Democrat governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, order citizens to stay home for a holiday weekend while her husband snuck up to their fave vacation spot and tried to use his personal connections to get their boat in the water early.

We saw Democratic governor of New York Andrew Cuomo completely bungle the pandemic, thereby killing hundreds of elderly in New York, and then we saw the mainstream press drool over his success at killing New York’s elderly. Leftists even coined a term for their lust for Killer Cuomo: They call themselves “Cuomosexuals.”

We read about Democrat efforts to ban charter schools, prohibit school vouchers, and eliminate homeschools.

We heard Democrats call for the elimination of the police, jails, prisons, bail, and ICE.

We saw Democrats try to ban the NRA and say they want to confiscate guns.

We saw Democrat lawmakers kneel in our nation’s Capitol to honor a black man high on meth and fentanyl who was killed after resisting arrest and lying to police officers, while Democrats continue to say nothing about the scores of innocent blacks—including children—killed in Democrat-controlled urban communities at the hands of mostly young black men left fatherless by Democratic policies.

We saw the Democratic Party heartily endorse BLM™, which explicitly states it seeks to “disrupt” the nuclear family while promoting the normalization of homosexuality and the “trans” cult.

We heard Democrats say the Constitution and history should be rewritten and the Electoral College and filibuster eliminated.

We heard a Democrat lawmaker in Illinois call for the cancellation of all history classes until Big Brother can review them to ensure they are sufficiently leftist.

We saw Democrats order citizens to refer to men as women. We saw Democrats order teenage girls to undress in front of male peers. We saw Democrats mandate that boys be allowed to compete in girls’ athletics. We saw Democrat lawmakers mandate that public schools teach elementary school children that biological boys can be girls.

In fewer than 70 days, we will be faced with the choice of giving more power to the party of lawlessness or stand with the Trump administration against lawlessness. We can choose chaos and irrationality or order and rationality. We can choose “social justice” that divides and discriminates based on race, sex, and sexual predilections or true justice that values all human lives equally. We can choose oppression or freedom.

Remember all those many long years when RINOs commanded social conservatives to be good little minions, hold their noses, and vote for ignorant men like John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mark Kirk, Bruce Rauner, George Ryan, Jim Thompson, and Jim Edgar? Dutiful conservatives obeyed, while RINOs and Deep State Swampsters snickered behind their backs.

Now, faced with what Victor Davis Hanson calls a “Manichean choice” about whether “we want civilization”—as represented by Trump—or not, RINOs—never known for moral principles or intellectual consistency—refuse to hold their noses. They would rather let Befuddled Biden and his running mate/David Daleiden’s persecutor, Kamala Harris win.

Politico just announced that Republican Jim Edgar, former governor of Illinois, will be voting for Biden. RINO political commentator Bill Kristol has made it his mission to get a Democrat into the White House. Republican primary candidates for president in 2016 Carly Fiorina and John Kasich are working feverishly to get a cognitively impaired Biden and his henchwoman into the White House. Colin Powell, Jeff Flake, Christine Whitman, Anthony Scaramucci, and Charlie Dent want Democrats to control the highest office in the land. Quisling extraordinaire Mitt Romney, along with Bush brothers George and Jeb refuse to hold their noses and vote for Trump.

With their snoots in the air, all these anti-Trumpers sniff and they snort, “We’ll have nothing to do with the Trumpian sort. Nose-holding is for thee but no way for me.”

Because of their small-minded, petty hatred for Trump’s tweets and off-putting personality, they are willing to sacrifice the economy, energy independence, the Supreme Court, religious liberty, speech rights, assembly rights, and public order and safety.

They’re willing to have Democrats sign on to the Green New Deal, which will destroy fracking, make America energy-dependent again, and turn the country into California with rolling blackouts necessary to provide energy to homes and businesses.

They’re willing to have businesses regulated into insolvency, which will prevent blacks from accessing the jobs that Trump’s economy had created for them before the Wuhan virus escaped and draconian Democratic lockdowns destroyed them.

RINOs, Never-Trumpers, and Swampsters are willing to have jail cells and borders opened while police and ICE are defunded, thereby making America more dangerous.

They’re willing to have Americans pay for free college and free health care for all, including illegal aliens.

They’re willing to have taxes on middle America raised by Democrats to pay for all the free stuff.

They’re willing to have America lick China’s, Iran’s, and the World Health Organization’s jackboots and spit on Israel. While the Trump administration facilitated a historic peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, divisive RINOs, Never-Trumpers, and Deep State Swampsters are willing to let Democrats reignite the Middle East.

These wealthy, insulated RINOs don’t have to worry about jobs or about their children being shot. They live in gated communities that remain safe even as cities burn.

They don’t have to worry about dangerous schools with incompetent union teachers who can’t be fired, because these RINOs can afford to send their children to expensive private schools.

Their lives will not change no matter how high taxes are raised.

They can afford any doctor they want, so they don’t care if you lose your beloved doctor.

They don’t really care if American girls are forced to undress or go to the bathroom in the presence of men.

They’re willing to sacrifice babies in wombs and bequeath to Millennials massive debt, fewer freedoms, and cultural oppression like they’ve never known before as long as they—RINOs, Never-Trumpers, and Swampsters—get their pound of Trump flesh.

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