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First Thanksgiving Reminds Us To Give Thanks In Everything

Imagine fleeing from your homeland after experiencing severe persecution for your faith, losing friends during a harsh winter in the New World, and barely surviving diseases like scurvy. These harsh events, and more, begin to describe what the Pilgrims went through in 1620 and 1621.

Looking back at the Pilgrims’ lives in Europe, they had good reason to leave everything behind and set out for the New World. The Church of England was under the rule of King Charles I, and political elites ruled over religious establishments.… Continue Reading

American History Down the Memory Hole?

Written by Dr. Jerry Newcomb

Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving, but is this holiday becoming so politically incorrect that one day it will be doomed to be sent down the “memory hole”?

There is a war on American history. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Antifa and other leftwing groups toppled more historical statues. Tyler O’Neil of PJ Media (11/28/20) describes the extent of this vandalism, which included the spray-painting of anti-Thanksgiving messages and statues torn down in Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland, and Spokane.… Continue Reading