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It’s Just A Game, State Workers


Written by Pat Hughes

It’s bad enough that, after decades of Mike Madigan’s leadership, the state can’t pay its bills. But now, his daughter, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, wants to take away the ability of state workers to pay their own bills.

Throughout the bitter dispute over the state budget, Madigan-Nemesis Governor Bruce Rauner has worked to keep the state government running so that core services are not completely shut down. The Governor has made clear that paying state workers for work that they do, while working to pass a balanced budget, is a top priority.

Speaker Madigan and his Democrat Majority have blocked the Governor’s call for reforms like term-limits and property tax freezes, and refused to pass a balanced budget. Instead, they’ve tried to gain political leverage by maximizing the pain felt by families.… Continue Reading

IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s ‘Friends and Family’ $1 Million Patronage Pay Problem(s)


Written by Adam Andrzejewsk

Confronted with our Freedom of Information Act requests and hard questions from the Washington Times, the top cop in Illinois tries to justify a $1 million patronage pay spike problem. She admits that a “supervising” attorney was allowed to move two states away and 507 round-trip miles from the office after receiving a substantial pay raise. Read our Executive Summary here.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has handed out $1 million in patronage pay increases since 2010. Her increases dwarf that of all other Illinois constitutional office holders. In Illinois, patronage employees are excused from the normal rules of appointment and firing of state employees. These lucky 109 “exempt” employees are the friends or personal hiring picks of the Attorney General.

This pattern didn’t start with exempt hires.… Continue Reading

Final Election Results

Written by David E. Smith
The Illinois State Board of Elections recently released the certified election results.  Here are the numbers:

Governor-elect Bruce Rauner (R) won a slim majority of the total votes and by 142,284 votes over incumbent Patrick Quinn (D).  Voter turnout was 49 percent, and compared to the 2010 gubernatorial election was down two percent, or 112,353 less voters in the 2014 election.

Incumbent Democratic Attorney General Lisa Madigan won decisively with 59 percent of the total vote, beating Republican challenger Paul Schimpf who received little support from the Republican establishment in Illinois.

Liberal Republican Judy Baar-Topinka won the Comptroller race over Democratic Lt. Governor Sheila Simon with a plurality of the total votes but significantly below her 52.6 percent from her state-wide race four years ago.
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Rauner Will Not Cure Springfield Dysfunction


Written by Russ Stewart

The outcome of Illinois’ gubernatorial race proves anew that any mother’s son can grow up to be governor, provided that he can self-fund $28 million and raise another $60 million.

Republican Bruce Rauner‘s win also reaffirms another pearl of wisdom: Bad always gets worse. If Illinoisans thought that state government was incompetent and leadership was dysfunctional under the Quinn-Madigan-Cullerton Democratic regime, they ain’t seen nothing yet.

The 2018 campaign for governor started on Nov. 5. Attorney General Lisa Madigan is the presumptive Democratic nominee, and House Speaker Mike Madigan (D-Chicago) and Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago) will do everything possible to sabotage, stain and sully the new governor.

They want Rauner to fail so Lisa Madigan can win. They want to compel Rauner to break his promises of fiscal restraint and make him collude with the Democrats to raise the state income yet again.… Continue Reading

November Election Result will be “UPS Moment”


Written by Russ Stewart

The Nov. 4 election, for Democratic politicians in Chicago, will be a “UPS moment.” Which committeemen among the 50 Chicago wards will deliver, and will their delivery be decisive and intimidating?

With Chicago politicians already heavily focused on the Feb. 24, 2015, municipal election, and those with statewide ambitions intensely pondering the state landscape for 2016 and 2018, the 2014 vote will, to use that old expression, “separate the men from the boys.”

Many decisions will be made, or unmade, based on which candidates run best and which committeemen produce the most votes.

First, the governor’s race is of critical importance to Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan and his daughter, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. A tactical determination of great import looms: As Lisa Madigan aspires to run for governor in 2018, is it more advantageous for her prospects to have Republican Bruce Rauner or a Democrat Pat Quinn as governor for the next 4 years?… Continue Reading

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