Three Strikes – You’re Out

Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

On Sunday, April 21st, Governor J.B. Pritzker appeared on CNN to discuss the 2024 Biden Presidential Campaign.

During his segment, Pritzker relayed a series of factually incorrect statements. For the sake of time, only three of these statements will be briefly discussed here.

Pritzker’s first claim was that adding Robert F. Kennedy to the presidential ballot would not affect Biden’s campaign. But a recent New York Times article noted,

Fears among Democrats are particularly acute this year, with polls suggesting that Mr. Trump’s base of enthusiastic support is sturdier than Mr. Biden’s. Conventional wisdom within the party is that any vote not for Mr. Biden benefits Mr. Trump, and there are concerns that giving people more choices on the ballot — especially one with the last name Kennedy — is more likely to hurt Mr. Biden, especially in critical swing states.

In addition to this, the same article noted that Democrats are taking aggressive measures to undermine Kennedy’s campaign. Referencing the Democrat party, Kennedy’s campaign manager commented,

“They are publicly shifting now to a strategy of actual trolling and harassment in order to place media stories around it and persuade voters in that way, because their attempts to keep Bobby off the ballot have failed.”

Sorry, Governor Pritzker. You are most definitely wrong about this one.

Pritzker’s second claim was that Biden is pro-middle class.

I think we can all look at the rising gas prices, increasing food prices, and general increase in the cost of living to know that Biden is most definitely not pro-middle class. According to one CNN article,

Biden’s position with working-class voters is eroding largely because they are expressing the most frustration and strain over the economy and inflation.

In addition to this, Biden’s policies have had a disastrous impact on the job market.

In January of 2023, the Department of Energy released its report on the impact of the cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline. A television network in North Dakota noted,

President Joe Biden cancelled construction of the pipeline the first day he took office. The report states that 16,000 to 59,000 construction jobs would have been created through the project, with an economic impact of more than $3.1 billion. Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) said the report highlights the damage to Montana’s working families.

In addition to this, on April 19th, Biden announced new plans to curb oil production in Alaska. This means more jobs will be lost, more families will be impacted, and the cost of oil and gas will continue to rise.

Sorry, Pritzker. Wrong again.

A third claim was that Biden is fighting for peace in the Middle East.

As an article in Foreign Policy states,

U.S. President Joe Biden wants Riyadh [capital of Saudi Arabia] to resume talks over recognizing Israel in return for Israeli restraint in Gaza and the West Bank and pledges to accommodate Palestinian interests, including an eventual Palestinian state or at least some degree of sovereignty.

Biden’s idea of “peace” in the Middle East is for Israel to show restraint against its attackers. Biden’s idea of “peace” is accommodating Palestinian interests and giving them their own state.

Palestine has been offered an official state five times since 1948. Each time, they rejected it. Palestine does not want their own state. They want to eradicate Israel completely.

Sorry, Pritzker.

Three strikes– you’re out.