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SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Reinow and Reclaiming the Sufficiency of Scripture

Written by Jenna Smith

In this week’s edition of IFA Spotlight, we feature a fantastic presentation from IFI’s recent worldview conference, delivered by our good friend Dr. Rob Reinow, founder and director of Visionary Family Ministries. Dr. Reinow begins this session with an amusing anecdote of how awful the reality of the blind leading the blind really is, and how it seems that many churches today are doing just that with their congregations. The reason is that we’re slipping up on a essential part of our faith, which is not believing the Scriptures are enough.… Continue Reading

The Consequence of a Good Idea: William Wilberforce’s Opposition to Slave Trade

Written by Dr. Everett Piper

Over the past couple of years, as I have been writing for The Washington Times, I have repeatedly argued that ideas have consequences. I have stated over and over again that what we believe always influences how we behave and that you can’t separate the head from the heart, fact from faith or attitudes from actions.

For good or for ill, ideas matter. As sentient creatures, we are unavoidably blessed or cursed by our guiding principles and the import of our ideas.… Continue Reading

America Is in Dire Need of a Course Correction

Written by Walker Wildmon

After one year of the Biden presidency, it is clear that his administration is focused on weakening and even removing the constitutional underpinnings of America. The same underpinnings that our Founding Fathers put in place to safeguard us from human nature. 

The question is – are we surprised to see where we are as a country? I’m not. When I look around at our culture, I see darkness. A culture made up of people that have little regard for biblical morality.Continue Reading

Critical Race Theory is the Opposite of Christianity

Written by Dr. Everett Piper

This past week I was contacted by a reporter from the Religion News Service. His reason for calling me was to get my views concerning critical race theory. He wanted to know why I opposed it.

I told the reporter that I am against CRT because it is the exact opposite of the Gospel of Christ. “How so?” he asked.

“Well,” I said, “First of all, CRT is grounded in revenge.… Continue Reading

A Conversation with Pastor Douglas Wilson

Written by Laurie Higgins

IFI was honored to have theologian, pastor, and courageous truth-teller Doug Wilson speak at our September 2015 banquet, after which he continued his critique of culture in an interview with Pastor Derek Buikema of the Orland Park Christian Reformed Church. Pastor Wilson addressed the cultural issues to which Christians must respond: abortion and same-sex “mirage.”

Take a break from the holiday hubbub to savor and be both educated and challenged by words that more pastors and priests should be speaking.… Continue Reading

It Is High Time for a Spiritual Revival

Written by David E. Smith

Jackie Gingrich Chushman‘s article titled, “It is Time for a Spiritual Revival,” resonated with me as she lamented the challenges of COVID-19 “lockdowns, masking, sickness, death, fear, overwork, underwork, government stimulus, vaccine creation, the fast-tracking of new antiviral technology, work from home, school closures, supply-chain snafus, tight political elections, protests and rapidly changing guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, just to name a few items.”

As Illinois Family Action continues to monitor legislative activities in Springfield and Washington D.C.… Continue Reading

Even Atheists Should Be Thankful For Christmas

Written by Dr. Everett Piper

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that it’s that time of year, that “most wonderful time of year,” when our country’s thought police come out of the woodwork to tell us what we can and cannot say. I wrote of stories too numerous to count where our culture’s minions of mind control stand barricaded behind their cash registers at Target and Starbucks, telling us what greetings we can and cannot use.… Continue Reading

Pro-Christmas, Pro-Family and Unashamed

Written by David E. Smith

For as long as I can remember, Family PAC’s Paul Caprio has strongly urged conservative candidates to send Christmas cards to primary voters in their districts. At first I thought this wasn’t the best use of campaign resources and not a very policy-centric way to communicate to would-be voters. Yet, as I considered the up-side of a pro-Christmas, pro-family mailer, I became convinced of its genius. In fact, I now believe that my initial response severely underestimated it’s importance.… Continue Reading

For Clueless Thought Police, The Only Holy Day is The One That Excludes Christ

Written by Dr. Everett Piper

Thanksgiving is past. December is once again upon us. It’s that time of year – that most wonderful time of the year – for our nation’s thought police to remind all of us heartland rubes, you know, the unwashed masses, that at the top of the “you-cannot-say-that” list is saying “Merry Christmas.”

It doesn’t matter that Christmas has been celebrated in the Western world since the fourth century. It doesn’t matter that Christmas has been a national holiday since 1870.… Continue Reading

Proud to be a ‘Right-Win Religious Nut’

Written by Dr. Everett Piper

One of my political detractors called me a “right-wing religious wing nut” this past week. It seems that my conservative views on everything from the right to life to the right to bear arms and the right to self-governance warranted his opprobrium. Implicit in his condemnation was this: “Piper, and his ilk, are ‘nut jobs.’ These conservative rubes are the bane of our existence. They are to blame for all that ails us.… Continue Reading