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SPOTLIGHT: Why Manhood Matters

Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

This episode of Spotlight features Pastor Myles Holmes and his speech at the annual IFI Worldview Conference.

Pastor Holmes is the pastor of Revive Church located in Collinsville, Illinois.

In his speech, Pastor Holmes highlights the vital importance of manhood and the need for good, godly, and strong men.

We’re talking today about recovering biblical manhood. Not just recovering manhood– recovering manhood biblically.

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“Election Fraud and Christian Patience” (Illinois Family Spotlight #224)

Written by David E. Smith

A week has passed since the general election and still, questions loom – among them, who and why? Election fraud has left the outcome of the presidential race (as well as other national and state contests) up in the air, and serious doubts remain as to the integrity of the voting and tabulating process. Many Christians are also wondering why God has allowed such confusion to happen and where is He in the midst of this political mess.… Continue Reading


Written by David E. Smith

Highlights from the recent Call to Pray observance in Springfield are the focus of this week’s Illinois Family Spotlight. IFI is partnering with Family Research Council’s Watchmen on the Wall to assemble pastors and faith leaders at the state capital, on a regular basis, to pray. In a display of unity in the body of Christ, pastors came from churches throughout Illinois to praise God, confess our corporate sin, and petition Him for His continued blessing on our land.… Continue Reading