Someone Please Tell Christianity Today There’s Nothing “Historic” About Heresy

Written by Peter Heck

Last week, what remains of the United Methodist Church voted to reject the authority of God’s Word on matters of human sexuality and publicly affirm and embrace sin as a tenet of their denomination.

There was nothing particularly surprising about the move. In fact, after having chased all of the God-honoring, Christ-worshipping, Bible-submitting believers out of their group, it was completely expected.

Not the Bee reported on their convention/rainbow circus HERE several days ago when it happened. But again, it was as expected as it was heretical.

What wasn’t (perhaps) expected was to witness the increasingly embarrassing “Christianity” Today publication dub this move “a historic step.”

Historic step?

As in “groundbreaking?”

  • First of all, as I told my Substack subscribers, there’s absolutely nothing groundbreaking about heresy. Rebellion to God is the way of the world. It’s “historic” in the sense that it’s been around since the Garden of Eden. But strutting around like peacocks pretending that we’re gods of our little universes and can declare right and wrong for ourselves? There’s nothing pioneering about that sorry spectacle.
  • Second, did Christianity Today hire Tyler Huckabee and a bunch of editors from “Relevant Magazine” or something? For heaven’s sake, the entire story was just a lifted wire piece from the “Religion News Service” – an organization which surrendered itself quite awhile ago to the full promotion of sexual rebellion within churches.

I was tempted to just laugh at the pandering nonsense, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how it couldn’t have been more appropriate. What better assessment of the state of Western Christianity today than for a magazine called “Christianity Today” to adopt the language of MSNBC and describe a denominational embrace of heresy as “historic”?

As always, the Bible is way ahead of these folks. The Apostle Paul warned Timothy a long time ago about coming days when men,

will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.”

He could have added, “And then they’ll celebrate those things as an ‘historic step.'”

To be clear, if the financiers and brains behind Christianity Today want to go with the Spirit of the Age, it’s their prerogative. But if they are going to go with the wisdom of man over the wisdom of God, I do think they have a duty to (if I might paraphrase Will Smith for a moment), “Get my Savior’s name out of their mouths.” Or masthead, as the case may be.

But while Christianity Today and the soon-to-be-irrelevant United Methodist Church may crow about striking an historic blow for “inclusion,” someone might want to clue this woke posse in about the fact that their Western Imperialism is showing.

Buried inside the story is a passing statement of opposition from a Methodist minister from Zimbabwe.

“We see homosexuality as a sin,” said Forbes Matonga, the pastor of a church in West Zimbabwe.

Mr. Matonga had more to say about it, however. And what he said reveals the arrogance, conceit, cultural insensitivity, and ethnic supremacy these white, American liberals just committed:

“Indeed, the Church has decided to change the historic teaching of the Church of over 2,000 years that homosexuality is a sin and the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman to between two consenting adults,” he said.

“This is for us a betrayal of The Gospel of Jesus Christ in favour of Western secular culture.”

I guess cultural imperialism is okay when it’s committed by the woke? Black, brown, and Asian Christians, desperate to remain true to the Word of God rather than Western sexual idolatry, are at the mercy of white progressives wrapped in rainbow flags and shouting their pronouns. Matonga explained their feeling of helplessness:

“The United Methodist Church is a Connectional Church, meaning one Church found on four Continents.”

“So, what happens to one part of the body affects all. Our children are at risk of being introduced and being dragged into this heathen culture as they go and get educated in United Methodist Universities and Colleges in the USA,” said Rev Matonga.

Western whites forcing their depraved culture down the throats of innocent brothers and sisters worldwide. I can think of a better term to describe that than “historic.”

Then again, I’m not pushing a manmade agenda in the name of Christ.

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Peter Heck is a writer, speaker, and teacher from Indiana. He is married to Jenny, and is the father of three kids. Peter holds to the infallibility and inerrancy of Scripture in his teaching and writing, and has a passion for biblical literacy and for demonstrating the Bible’s applicability to all of life. 

Peter is the lead opinion writer for “Not the Bee.” His opinions have also been published in the Washington Times, Washington Post, USA Today, and on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. A former radio host, Peter produces a daily podcast and has authored a number of books on Christians and the culture.