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‘Punitive’ Fatherhood Isn’t Enough to End Abortion – We Need to Build Families.

Written by Benjamin Watson

The abortion debate generally centers around two people: the mother and her child. Of course, there’s a lot of back-and-forth over how to define her child, when her child “becomes” a child, what that means, how or whether to support her as a mother and so on.

But somehow, another necessary party is almost always missing from the debate — namely, the father. I find this baffling.

There is a father involved, somehow, in every pregnancy.… Continue Reading

Strong Fathers Desperately Needed to Steer Families Back Toward Personal Responsibility

Written by Robert Knight

It’s no secret that families depend in many ways on the involvement of fathers.

A striking illustration of this can be found in America’s prisons, where charitable groups donate greeting cards for inmates. Mother’s Day cards are quickly snatched up, while Father’s Day cards go unclaimed. Most of the inmates either had a bad relationship with their dads or never knew them.

Likewise, we can trace many social ills to the demise of strong marriages and the absence — physical or emotional — of husbands/fathers in the household.… Continue Reading

Who and What Caused the Capitol Assault

Written by Laurie Higgins

Yesterday the growing schism in America opened wider when a mob—allegedly Trump supporters—from the mostly peaceful assembly of Americans critical of an election rife with “irregularities,” broke into the U.S. Capitol.

As of this writing, some are asking whether the mobsters who broke windows and scaled walls at the Capitol may have been members of Antifa wearing MAGA hats in order to cause the explosion of rage at Trump that ensued and to stop U.S.… Continue Reading