Judges, a Hotline & “Worker’s Rights Amendment”

Written by Kathy Valente

As Election Day approaches, we want to make sure that all of our subscribers, readers and supporters have all the information they need to vote their values in this vitally important election cycle. There’s still time for  YOU  to make a difference by sharing this information within your sphere of influence.

We the people have the opportunity to hold elected officials accountable for their policies, rhetoric and actions. We the people have the opportunity to make significant changes on the state and federal level. We dare not waste this moment.

Please join us in prayer and action these last few days!


In case you didn’t see it, we offer a guide for judicial candidates. The list does not include every judicial candidate in Illinois, but it includes quite a bit more information than we have ever had on judges before – based on endorsements and ratings.

For example, if Planned Parenthood or Personal PAC endorsed a judicial candidate, the candidate is in favor of abortion at any age without parent’s knowledge and at any stage of gestation even up to birth, graphic sex ed in Kindergarten, etc. – in other words, Planned Parenthood’s agenda.

If the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago (LAGBAC) approves a candidate, that candidate is in favor of the LGBTQ agenda. There are also a few that the LAGBAC does NOT approve.

Six judicial candidates returned our questionnaire. To see their answers, click on their names.

Mark Curran for Illinois Supreme Court 2nd District

Mike McHaney for 4th Circuit

Ken Hogan for 9th Circuit

Bill Stiehl for 20th Circuit

Paul Evans for 20th Circuit

James Odom for 24th Circuit (write-in candidate)


Our good friends at the Illinois Conservative Union have spent months training people on how to spot election irregularities. They also offer a hotline for voters to call if they encounter a problem at their polling place: 312-201-9000.

If you are an election judge or a trained poll watcher, or if you would like to be trained to poll watch, please sign up on the IFEC website to become part of this statewide team. Poll watchers can choose when & where they want to serve and will have access to a special PW hotline with support. Signing up on our site will help ensure all spots are covered. www.ILFairElections.org


You’ve probably received an expensive political mailer or seen the many “Vote Yes on Worker’s Rights” signs on government-owned land.

Here’s the truth from our friends at the Illinois Policy Institute:

“Worker’s Rights Amendment” or the “Proposed Amendment to the 1970 Illinois Constitution,” as it will appear on your ballot, would hike property taxes by $2,100 per year and grant union bosses powers that no other state allows them.

“Worker’s Rights Amendment” only applies to public sector unions such as: AFSCME, SEIU, Chicago Teachers Union, Illinois Education Association, Illinois Federation of Teachers, in other words government workers. It gives union bosses the power to override state law.

“Workers Rights Amendment” will give Illinois teachers unions more power than state law grants them.

“Workers Rights Amendment” does not apply to private sector unions such as: Carpenters, Pipefitters, Electricians, grocery store workers, in other words everyone that works for a private company.

Three important things to remember about public sector unions.

Public sector unions are made up of government workers that make up 7% of Illinoisans.

Government workers don’t generate profits. They negotiate for more tax money.

When government unions strike, they strike against taxpayers.

Vote NO on “Workers Rights Amendment.”